Lassie: Season 1


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Premiere episode. Jeff inherits Lassie from the late Homer Carey, but the young collie seems strangely reluctant to leave the Carey home.



Jeff is failing arithmetic due to his problems with fractions, so Ellen tells him he may not go to the circus if he doesn’t pass his next test.


The Colt

To make up for ignoring Jeff, Gramps brings him home a colt Jeff names ““Domino.”“ Jeff then starts ignoring Lassie in his enthusiasm over having a hors…


The Gun

Jeff wants to learn to use his father’s gun, but Ellen is terrified of him being exposed to a firearm, although Gramps thinks he should learn to use it.


Mr. Peabody

Gramps hires a tramp to do some odd jobs on the farm, then is jealous when Jeff starts to idolize the tale-telling old man.


The Convict

Jeff and Lassie meet an escaped convict in the woods.



When Gramps quarrels with Matt Brockway after a hotly contested checker game, both men forbid their sons to play with each other. After Jeff and Porky’s first attempt to…


The Lion

With Gramps and Ellen away for the day, Jeff and Porky plan a lazy day—until an escaped circus lion invades the farm. Worse, no one will believe them when they call for h…



When Gramps has chest pains, the family tries to keep him from exerting himself.


Lassie's Pups

Jeff thinks Lassie needs a vet when her time comes, but a storm is brewing and Gramps says dogs can cope. Dr. Wilson: Frank Ferguson. Mrs. Wilson: Frances Morris.


The Job

A radio producer hears Ellen singing at church and offers her a job singing on radio—but she and Jeff must take an apartment in the city and leave Lassie with Gramps to d…


The Carnival

Jeff shows a dog trainer at the fair Lassie’s tricks—and thinking she can be a headliner for them, the man and his partner steal her. Clay: Richard Garland.


Sale of Lassie

Jeff overhears the wrong conversation, and, thinking Gramps needs an expensive operation, attempts to sell Lassie to raise the money.


The Rustlers

The calf Jeff is raising for the county fair vanishes the same night Lassie comes home injured and covered with mud—then she mysteriously starts chasing Ellen’s car…


The Fighter

Jeff doesn’t understand why a famous prizefighter doesn’t want to box any longer and pegs him as a coward.


The Contest

While Jeff prepares for the county fair, a spoiled little girl visits the farm and continually tries to hurt Lassie.



After Lassie is suspected of having rabies, she’s about to be taken to the pound—but Jeff runs away with her. Clay: Richard Garland. Brockway: Paul Maxey.


The Brat

Ellen offers the boys a special treat if they will babysit a boy while she is called out on an errand. But the kid turns out to be more than Jeff and Porky can handle.



The church is holding a father-son event and Jeff doesn’t want Gramps to fill in for his dad. Jeff is then even more embarrassed when Ellen decides to accompany him inste…


The Fawn

Jeff wants to adopt an orphan fawn, but Gramps says there is no place for wild animals on a farm.


Blind Soldier

The parents of a blind veteran try to buy Lassie—the young man’s own collie Lassie has died and they do not want to tell him the truth, fearing he will slip into de…


The Cave

Jeff and Lassie are trapped in a cave shown to them by a malicious classmate.


The Injury

An injured man, hurt in a car accident, is brought to the farm. He mutters something about hitting a collie with his car—and Lassie is acting strangely.


The Well

A snoopy inspector from the water department insists on seeing the Miller well.


The Snake

Jeff is bitten by a rattlesnake and Gramps and Ellen rush to get him to a doctor.


The Bear

Jeff and Porky’s campout is ruined by a persistent bear.

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Relive the adventures of America’s favorite collie, Lassie, and her best friend, Timmy. Together they take on heroic tasks and exciting adventures.