Lassie: Season 13


# Air Date Title

Lassie and the Buffalo

Corey shows an old friend why a buffalo hunt will improve the quality of life in a herd while Lassie helps a perpetually straying calf get back to its mother, who is sleighted…


Danger Mountain

While inspecting a ski area with the careless proprietor, Corey and Lassie find major infractions, but trouble is only starting when they are trapped at the top of a stalled sk…


Fly Away Home

In the Franklin National Forest, a wetlands sanctuary, Lassie saves a Canada goose who was trapped in a fishing line and then attacked by bobcat, injuring her wing.


A Time for Courage

Corey leaves Lassie with Ed, a novice smoke jumper injured in a fire, when he participates in a smoke jump. When Corey and his friend Lane, a veteran fire fighter, are trapped…


Lassie Baits a Bear

When Corey devises a way to free a female bear from the pit trap she has been caught in, the animal ““repays”“ him by attacking him and knocking him int…


Lassie the Voyager (1)

While trying to find Corey, on duty in the thick of a hurricane, Lassie is trapped on a freighter which sails with her aboard.


Lassie the Voyager (2)

Lassie, finally escaped from the freighter, swims ashore and assists an injured lighthouse keeper.


Lassie the Voyager (3)

Lassie is put on trial for being a stray in Williamsburg, Virginia, and is defended by an elderly lawyer.


Lassie the Voyager (4)

Lassie helps a lonely teenage mountain girl who attempts to protect her pet fox Riddle from a neighbor’s boy and his hounds.


Lassie the Voyager (5)

Lassie,continuing on his voyage, comes up on and helps an abandoned kitten.


Lassie the Voyager (6)

Lassie joins two runaway boys who are rafting down the river to New Orleans; when their raft is lost, they decide to spend the night in a cave.


Lassie the Voyager (7)

Unbeknownst to Corey, who is assigned a project in New Orleans, Lassie has also reached the cresent city.They end up just missing each other several times before finally meetin…


Little Jim

Dan Casey’s hope of winning the trotting races at the Franklin County Fair with his pony Little Jim is dashed when he is hurt in a fall from the sulky—until his gra…


The Greatest Gift

Corey and Lassie stop to help young Johnny Conrad on their way to supervise the cutting of the national Christmas tree—but Johnny is heartbroken when he discovers the cho…


Once Upon a Horse

Corey and Lassie tame a wild stallion that was injured in a fall down a ridge and who will always be a little lame.


Interlude of Mercy

Lassie is trying to defend a cougar cub from a vicious attack from a wolf.When she accidently slips and falls down the cliff and is hurt.But Lassie’s good deed is repayed…


Crisis at Devil's Gorge

While surveying the badlands of North Dakota,for use as a wilderness area, Corey is bitten by a rattlesnake; when his horse returns riderless to the corral, a fellow ranger and…


Lassie's Litter Bit

After Corey and a fellow ranger put up a trash display to remind tourists to clean up their litter, Lassie finds a well-meaning man tossing trash into a ravine—and after…


Day of the Bighorn

Lassie helps an aging bighorn sheep who has been trapped and is helpless before a pack of wild dogs.


The Protectors

In this,another of the classic Lassie all-animal episodes, Lassie and an eagle protect a helpless mother owl who was injured by a possum trying to steal her eggs. The eagle hat…


A Matter of Seconds

When the rangers have an area cleared for a vista stop, several wrecked cars must be towed away from the site. But a squirrel is trapped in the trunk of one of the vehicles and…


Never Look Back

Luther Jennings, the elderly ranger manning the survey tower at Strawberry Peak, takes it hard when he finds he’ll lose his job when the tower is slated for destruction.…


The Eighth Life of Henry IV

While Corey helps the town of Whitehorse Falls with modern forestry methods, Lassie has her hands—uh, paws—full with a mischievous kitten who can’t seem to he…


Lure of the Wild

A coyote rescued and tamed by a fellow forest ranger and now returning to the wild again is stalked by a hunter, but Lassie and ““Monday’s”“ mate…


Most Dangerous Game

It’s fire season in the Franklin National Forest and when a reporter interviews Corey about fire safety, he finds out most fires are caused by children playing with match…



Ranger Corey Stuart and Lassie visit a turkey ranch where watchdog Barney has been injured in a fight with a lynx. The lynx successfully terrorizes the ranch as Barney shies aw…


Return of the Charm

When Jeremy Boggs loses a good luck charm he acquired during World War II, Lassie returns to the place he lost it to track it down. A squirrel has stored it in a winter cache a…


Winged Attack

Eddie, a racing pigeon enthusiast, takes his pigeon to an abandoned mine for a test flight. He falls through a mineshaft and sends his pigeon to bring help. Lassie and Ranger C…



While in the Red River National Forest, Lassie tries to help a huge steer used as a roadside attraction at a tourist cafe, the mistreated animal having escaped after attacking…



While staying with elderly Ben Adams, Lassie befriends an otter couple—one of whom is later caught in a trap set by a neighbor.

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Relive the adventures of America’s favorite collie, Lassie, and her best friend, Timmy. Together they take on heroic tasks and exciting adventures.