Lassie: Season 14


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Perils of the Prairie

After a recent earthquake, Ranger Corey Stuart and Lassie survey the prairie for damage. Lassie comes to the rescue of a colony of frightened prairie dogs threatened by a taran…



When an oil well explodes in flames, a pet terrier is injured in the blast. Lassie rescues the dog and follows her to the hospital to donate the blood needed to save her life.<…


Cry of the Wild

Corey and his partner Bert enlist a widowed sailplane pilot in a Forest Service project to learn about wind-shears; meanwhile, Lassie helps hunt a marauder that savaged a ranch…


The Guardian

Lassie becomes the protector for a cougar, mistakenly shot as the ranch’s maurauder, and her newborn cubs, while Corey accompanies Carol on her surveys.



Carol’s unbroken mare escapes her corral and heads for the wilderness, oblivious to the danger from a maurading dog, while Carol must crash-land her glider.


Brink of Oblivion

Ranger Corey Stuart and Lassie travel to northern California to alert the community to the dangers of littering. The message hits home when a small fire is fueled by trash and…


The Homeless

Construction of a motel on Fawn Lake destroys the home of two ring-tailed cats. The homeless animals are separated and threatened by a stalking bobcat and Lassie must reunite t…


A Time for Decision

Beauty takes a back seat to progress as urban growth threatens the lakeside community of Fawn Lake. Ranger Stuart recommends an anti-pollution campaign, but warnings go unheede…


Rim of Disaster (1)

Ranger Corey Stuart and Lassie are stranded on a Glacier Peak when mechanical problems force their plane to land. In order to take off again, Lassie must be left on the ground,…


Rim of Disaster (2)

Ranger Corey Stuart must use his plane to save Lassie from the attack of a marauding bear.


Ride the Mountain

Lassie is paralyzed by a falling log and, rather than travel several hours by road to a vet, she and Ranger Corey Stuart brave a death-defying ride on a nine-mile wooden log fl…


Dangerous Journey

A tugboat owner is temporarily blinded while in the Columbia River basin. Following the path of a log flume, Lassie leads the helpless man through dangerous territory and into…


Fury at Wind River

Hunters are pursuing a family of deer when Lassie intervenes to help them cross a raging river. All the deer cross safely except a playful fawn, which is swept downstream. Lass…



A man who professes to be protecting the forest tries to sabotage the Forest Service’s new balloon logging program. After shooting at Corey’s truck, cutting a telep…


Miracle of the Dove

A small girl’s beloved dog is lost right before Christmas.


Have You Any Wool?

Lassie is out feeding her forest friends,when she comes upon a black lamb. The little creature was caught in a snare and being stalked by a coyote. Lassie chases away the coyot…


The Bracelet

Corey escorts Miss Ridgeway, a nature painter of renown, to a secluded area where she can work, leaving Lassie with her for company. When her insulin supply is destroyed after…


The Foundling

Corey, investigating a potential campsite at Emerald Forest, and Bill the resident ranger, are chagrined when well-meaning tourists rescue an ““abandoned”R…


Rescue Ridge

Lassie rescues a coati-mundi’s wayward kit—and a lost lamb as well—while Corey and his compatriots battles the forest fire threatening its home.


White Wilderness

Lassie accompanies Ranger Corey Stuart on an avalanche control expedition. When the snow from a man-made avalanche buries a fox, Lassie must find the fox and dig her to the sur…


The Lonely One

While Corey is at Cape Kennedy participating in a paracute-testing project, Lassie encounters Atlas, a guard dog gone wild after the death of his master.


The Searchers

Still in Florida, Corey and Lassie befriend Donnie Baker, whose puppy was run over while chasing a rabbit, and must rescue Atlas, trapped in the swamp.



Lassie has her hands full: she’s reacclimating Atlas to society while keeping watch over a bald eagle injured during one of the parachute tests.


Escape to Danger

An animal trainer’s truck crashes in the woods, freeing his animals in the wilderness. Ranger Corey Stuart tends to the trainer’s injuries as Lassie retrieves the e…


The Ledge

A shutterbug Boy Scout is so intent on following an eagle to take a photo that he disregards where he is going and is trapped on a ledge.


Hanford's Point (1)

Making a lake into a tourist attraction that will help a town depends on buying land from two independent boys the townspeople view as ““hippies.”“


Hanford's Point (2)

The Hanford boys refuse Corey’s offer, to the outrage of speculator Wade, whose also worried because his teenager daughter Luci is attracted to ““the hippies.…


Hanford's Point (3)

Wade faces off against the boys and is enraged when he finds out Luci has been helping them in their cause to keep their land from her father.

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