Lassie: Season 16


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Last Chance

On a surveying mission of the forest, Scott and Bob are delighted to find wolves restablishing themselves in the area. Then the male is shot while hunting for his pregnant mate…


Success Story

Scott and Lassie help a Job Corps volunteer who just isn’t making the grade.



During a surveying trip at a former bombsite sleighted to become a national grassland, Scott carefully disarms the unexploded bomb next to a trapped man while Lassie shuttles s…


No Margin for Error

During a surveying trip at a former bombsite sleighted to become a national grassland, Scott carefully disarms the unexploded bomb next to a trapped man while Lassie shuttles s…


Lassie and the Water Bottles

Widowed Sarah Caldwell will have to give up the family ranch if she can’t keep water on the property, so Scott helps her install ““water bottles,”“…



As they take an elk survey, Scott and Lassie’s helicopter ride turns deadly when the vehicle has has mechnical problems and crashes in the snowy wilderness. Bert tries to…


Father and Son

While surveying Government rangeland, Scott is hurt by a careless rifle shot fired by young Tom Bradley, a boy who has taken to playing hookey and staying in the woods after hi…


The Sky is Falling

Neeka, spending his vacation with Scott and Bob, is delighted to help the rangers out at the Roaring Camp spur line, a railroad that will run directly through the majestic redw…


No Greater Love

Bob has the weekend off, so he takes Neeka fishing on the Columbia River, but on a hike, Lassie and Neeka discover a crow building her nest in a dangerous place. When Lassie at…


More Than Meets the Eye

On a nature hike, Scott and Lassie help Kathy, a withdrawn and fearful girl who is attending school with other blind children for the first time.


The Chase

Scott and Lassie help a doe who has been chased to exhaustion by snowmobilers.


The Blessing

Manuel Sandoval sneaks over the border with his deaf dog Poco, hoping that the Blessing of the Animals as Mission San Luis Rey will restore the little terrier’s hearing i…


Superstition Canyon

Lassie babysits a prospector’s burro.

14 Jan 04

The Road Back (1)

Scott and Lassie, in San Francisco’s Chinatown for a mini-forest project, befriend the children in a Chinese school. Lassie is struck by a car while saving one of the chi…

15 Jan 11

The Road Back (2)

Lassie’s search for her identity takes her to a wax museum and finally down to the waterfront, where she is befriended by a down-on-his-luck young fisherman with a family…

16 Jan 18

The Road Back (3)

Heading back to San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge, Lassie befriends a lonely runaway teenager and a lonely soldier, then is mistaken for a possibly rabid collie named T…

17 Jan 25

The Road Back (4)

Her memory recovering at last, but still hunted by health officials as a rabid dog, Lassie is chased through the streets of San Francisco.

18 Feb 01

Winged Rescue

Lassie and Neeka are lost in the desert.

19 Feb 08

The Cliff

Neeka and Lassie take a wrong turn on the self-guided trail at the Mesa Verde National Forest, and, while trying to find their way back, slip off a cliff where Neeka breaks his…

20 Feb 15

Warm Heart--Cold Nose

With Bob at a meeting, Lassie visits overnight with the Frasers, a blind man and his wife who live in the woods without any way of communicating with the outside world. When Ed…

21 Mar 01

Whitewater Fury

While Bob and Dan are scouting out the rapids for a ““whitewater trail”“ for tourists, Lassie finds a baby raccoon that has been poisoned by “R…

22 Mar 08


Bob and his Navajo guide Sam find a dog swimming across Lake Powell on their way to survey tribal lands and rescue him; he is Chucka, an indolent dog who’d rather rest or…

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