Lassie: Season 19


# Air Date Title

The Journey V

2 Sep 16


Garth’s brother Keith is met with resentment when he takes over running the ranch, but he proves his mettle when a storm strikes the ranch and starts a fire that traps La…

3 Sep 23

The Doves of Santa Inez

Karl Burkholz and the ““scout”“ for a migrating flock of doves become friends when Karl nurses the injured bird.

4 Sep 30

For Those Who Follow

Lassie pursues a colt that escapes from the Baker ranch. (Elaine Baker seems to have problems keeping her livestock in check! Later in the season she loses a calf.

5 Oct 14


A crow that snatches Mike’s wallet leaves the boy angry and determined to find the animal.

6 Oct 21

A Girl and a Boy (1)

A small deaf boy is found wandering the grounds of the ranch and Lucy, communicating with him in sign language, discovers he feels no one wants him.

7 Oct 28

A Girl and a Boy (2)

Deprived of the dog the Holdens have given him, the boy flees.

8 Nov 04

Deadly Surf

Deprived of the dog the Holdens have given him, the boy flees.

9 Nov 11

Golden Eagle

Lassie must rescue three kittens from the incoming tide.

10 Nov 18

A Taste of Freedom

Lassie befriends a racehorse so nervous that he can’t complete a race.

11 Nov 25

Run to Nowhere (1)

A runaway inner-city orphan is taken in at the ranch, but is distrustful of everyone.

12 Dec 02

Run to Nowhere (2)

Joey runs away when he finds out he has to leave the ranch.

13 Dec 09

Vigil of the Stork

The Holdens are afraid Karl will not survive after a heart attack robs his will to live.

14 Dec 16

Dream Builder

A Chicano man searches for a piece of land that will be his own.

15 Jan 13

The Visitor

Benji guest-stars as a city mutt who must learn country ways from Lassie.

16 Jan 06

Tell It to the Birds

17 Jan 24

Challenge of the Mountain (1)

Dale, riding Midnight and accompanied by Lassie, is injured when he falls from the horse.

18 Feb 03

Challenge of the Mountain (2)

Midnight and Lassie must go for help when Dale cannot move.

19 Feb 10

Legend of the Coyote

Lassie’s determined to retrieve the puppy stolen from the Holden barn by a coyote.

20 Feb 17


Two bumbling horse thieves steal Midnight, but run afoul of Lassie.

21 Feb 24

A Joyous Sound (1)

A surgeon gives Lucy and her mother hope that she may hear again after surgery, so Keith and Lassie accompany Elaine and her daughter to Los Angeles for the operation.

22 Mar 03

A Joyous Sound (2)

Lassie’s assistance to a toddler is misinterpreted as an attack, and she is chased away from the hospital to become lost in the tangle of city streets; in the meantime Ke…

23 Mar 10

A Joyous Sound (3)

Lassie, after a narrow escape on a firing range, befriends two young men who have been camping at the beach in their van. While they tend the injured collie, Lucy, now returned…

24 Mar 17

Johnny Piper

Lucy trades lessons in ““home”“ to an attractive young drifter who gives her guitar lessons in return.

25 Mar 24

The Dawning

Lassie tracks down the Baker calf, on the loose and endangered by predators.

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