Lassie: Season 5


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The Storm

Timmy and Boomer try to teach Boomer’s new dog Mike, a distant little terrier, farm ways, but he seems unable to learn.



Uncle Petrie allows Timmy to ride a pony at a pony-ride concession, and Timmy falls in love with the animal—so Lassie sneaks out in the night and brings ““Sta…


The Teacher

Timmy and his classmates adore their teacher Miss Hazlit, and when they find out she may have to leave because of budget constraints, they try to earn the money to keep her on.…


The Owl

Timmy and Boomer are so desperate to be useful that Ruth entrusts a fresh egg delivery to the boys, but they’re sidetracked by an aggressive barn ow1 after they try to re…


The Crash

Timmy and Boomer run to see a plane crash and don’t know what to do when they find the injured pilot in the wreckage.


The Rocking Chair

Lassie falls in love with a rocking chair destined for donation to a benefit sale, and when it’s sold, she determines to do something to get it back.


Fish Out of Water

Timmy brings home a rainbow trout with plans to keep it as a pet, but the idea engenders all sorts of obstacles.



When Timmy and Boomer discover there will be girls at the Halloween party they are looking forward to, they go out hunting for foxfire to smear on their faces so girls won̵…


Our Gal

Paul’s expensive new sow ““Our Gal”“ turns out to have an unfortunate predeliction zfor running away, even through reinforced fencing, and after s…


Lassie's Decision

Timmy’s plan to help his new friend Henry, who is afraid of dogs, backfires when Henry mistakes Lassie’s extra attention as love for him and believes she wants to s…


The Egret

On a bird-watching expedition for school, Timmy sees a rare snowy egret, but no one will believe him. Finally a professor is dispatched to see if his report is true.


The Archers

After bow hunters shoot a bear cub, then leave it in the forest to die, the Martins try to save the animal.


The Bundle from Britain

Boomer is jealous when Timmy seems to prefer the company of his English visitor, Robin, and his little Cairn terrier Basil, so he and a classmate make fun of Robin’s shor…


The Black Woods

Having seen sugar maples while taking Timmy on a nature hike, Uncle Petrie returns to the woods to investigate—and runs into two men holding bank president Robert Hanson…


The Raffle

Tongues wag in the neighborhood after Lassie picks Ruth’s ticket as a winner in a raffle for a piano—but the real loser is Timmy, who’s forced to take lessons…


The Christmas Story

Several days before Christmas, Lassie is struck by a truck while saving a three-year-old girl and so seriously injured she needs a special veterinarian to operate on her


The Lady Bugs

Timmy and Boomer want to be partners in a business, and, learning Paul is planning to spend $10 on ladybugs to help fight aphids in his apple orchard, are determined to find a…


Junior GI's

The Army is conducting war games near the farm, and excited Timmy, Boomer, and their friends plan their own maneuvers. But it’s no game when scout Timmy and his “&#…


The Big Cat

Ruth, taking a woods shortcut on her way to a Grange supper and having to replace a flat tire, is caught in a trap set by a state hunter to catch a marauding cougar.


The Tree

For a club project, Timmy and Boomer adopt a tree that was supposedly planted by Johnny Appleseed, then discover it is sleighted to be cut down to make way for a highway, so Ti…


Timmy,The Oil Millionaire

When Lassie keeps coming home with greasy muck on her legs, Timmy and Boomer investigate, and discover a pool of oil on their property. But Uncle Petrie’s investigation o…



Asa Winkler, a conniving handyman, claims Lassie bit him and tore his pants to obtain odd jobs at the Martins—and arranges other ““accidents”“ to…


Tartan Queen

A breeder says Lassie may be descended from a famous show dog and urges Timmy not to let her run wild, so she must sit on the sidelines while Boomer’s terrier Mike has al…


The Horse Show

Timmy, disappointed that there are no contests in the county fair a small boy can participate in, enters his burro Lucky in a farm horse event.


The Cat Who Came To Dinner

The Martins adopt a cat they find half-drowned outside the house, but the conniving cat, dubbed ““Marmalade”“ by Timmy because of his color, immediately…


The Bonnet

Knowing Ruth hasn’t had a new hat in four years, Paul buys her a lovely spring hat he discovers she was longing for, but Timmy and Lassie inadvertently ruin it while play…


The Puppy Story

Timmy and Boomer are heartbroken when they find out Lassie’s puppies are to be sold, so Lassie hides them in an old pen in the woods. But the mischevious babies get free.…


The Young Flyers

The entire family pitches in to help Timmy win in his Cub Scout troop’s kite-flying contest, especially after the original kite is lost.


The Watch Dog

Lassie, staying at a neighbor’s house while the family as at the county fair, is blamed for the damage done by Chipper, a chimpanzee being nursed by Mrs. Collins.


The Puppet

Lassie falls in love with Suzy, a canine hand puppet manipulated by a down-on-his-luck ventriloquist.


Rock Hound


The Charm






The Camera


Peace Patrol






Lassie's Guest

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Relive the adventures of America’s favorite collie, Lassie, and her best friend, Timmy. Together they take on heroic tasks and exciting adventures.