MacGyver: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 18

The Legend of the Holy Rose (1)

Opening gambit- The Airplane: MacGyver rescues a man who is being held against his will on a high cliff, with a home-built para-glider.
MacGyver and an old friend dash ar…

2 Sep 25

The Legend of the Holy Rose (2)

MacGyver and an old friend dash around the world searching for the artifacts necessary to locate the Holy Grail, just one step ahead of a ruthless man on the same trail.

3 Oct 02

The Black Corsage

Mac and a bounty hunter join forces with a bulldog named Frog to track down a Bulgarian defector who was the accidental witness at a murder and who is now being stalked by the…

4 Oct 09

Cease Fire

During some tough negotiations between two neighbouring states, one side plants a sniper in the vincinity. When Mac discovers the sniper, fights him, but loses the man, the acc…

5 Oct 16

Second Chance

MacGyver and an old friend discover a gang ripping off medical supplies from a Phoenix Foundation clinic in Asia, and an Amerasian son the friend never knew he had.

6 Oct 30

Halloween Knights

Mac is called to Jack’s hangar, but when he comes there, Jack is gone. The only clue leads to a cemetary. Mac goes there, thinks that he sees Jack, but suddenly he’…

7 Nov 06

Children of Light

MacGyver’s Chinese foster daughter arrives unexpectedly from China, carrying videotape of the massacre in Tianamen Square and a list of fax machine phone numbers vital to…

8 Nov 13

Black Rhino

MacGyver takes off for Africa, where the youngest of the Colton brothers has decided to take on deadly rhino poachers single-handedly.

9 Nov 20

The Ten Percent Solution

The Phoenix Foundation purchase of a Nazi art treasure leads Mac to a concentration camp survivor who claims family ownership of the painting and an `Aryan nation’ group…

10 Dec 11

Two Times Trouble

MacGyver tries to help an old friend who believes her jealous twin sister is trying to kill her.

11 Dec 18

The Madonna

On Christmas Eve, MacGyver tries to help the priest of a poor church locate a stolen Madonna figure, help his friend Cynthia figure out how to keep the Challenger Club solvent…

12 Jan 08


Exhausted MacGyver dreams he’s a Civil War vet trying to claim a home in Montana that’s threatened by a neighboring rancher who looks a lot like Pete Thornton. But…

13 Jan 15

Live and Learn

MacGyver tries to inspire a promising but unmotivated high school student, despite the negative efforts of a cynical teacher and the boy’s skeptical father.

14 Feb 05

Log Jam

MacGyver tries to help an environmentally active friend find out what happened to a company whistle-blower about to expose the illegal practices of a large logging firm.

15 Feb 12

The Treasure of Manco

MacGyver and a friend race with a group of dedicated guerillas to locate a valuable Incan treasure.

16 Feb 19

Jenny's Chance

MacGyver, Dalton, and Thornton go undercover to expose a murderous money launderer.

17 Feb 26

Deep Cover

Pete and Mac try to help when a Phoenix Foundation engineer is seduced and betrayed by a spy seeking her prototype for a new stealth technology for submarines.

18 Mar 19

The Lost Amadeus

A strange young woman gets Mac involved with a priceless violin and an eccentric maestro being sought by syndicate hoods.

19 Apr 09

Hearts of Steel

MacGyver is reunited with Lisa, whose help cleared him of assassination charges in Switzerland, when a steel plant executive kidnaps her as revenge against her cold corporate-r…

20 Apr 16

Rush to Judgement

MacGyver risks judicial displeasure when he breaks jury sequester to investigate the scene of a racially charged murder, and discovers evidence that drastically alters the inte…

21 Apr 30


Frantic with worry about his gravely-ill Grandpa Harry, MacGyver experiences a strange near-death phenomena, seeing his parents again, when he’s injured by a man who̵…

About MacGyver

MacGyver follows the adventures of the laid-back, extremely resourceful secret agent Angus MacGyver. He prefers non-violent conflict resolution whenever possible and refuses to carry or use a gun. MacGyver works as a problem solver for the Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles. Utilizing his education as a scientist and his experience as an operative in the Department of External Services (DXS), he is able to solve a range of problems usually with the help of his ever-present Swiss Army knife.