Mad About You: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 23

Romantic Improvisations

Paul and Jamie Buchman are newlywed adjusting to life together in Manhattan. When only after 5 months of marriage Jamie complains that their sexual life is not like it used to…

2 Sep 30

Sofa's Choice

To Paul, a couch by any other name is not a couch, especially if it is a divan, a settee, or worse, a love seat. Jamie is determined that their first major purchase to be join…

3 Oct 07

Sunday Times

Paul and Jamie enjoy a quiet Sunday with nothing to do except decide what to do. However, they have to decide whether to see a movie, take in a parade or get to the museum bef…

4 Oct 14

Out of the Past

News of his ex-girlfriend visiting New York first fills Paul with excitement, followed by guilt, culminating in blithering idiocy after he invites Jamie to Riff’s to meet…

5 Oct 21

Paul in the Family

An unexpectedly long visit by Jamie’s parents, Gus (guest star: Paul Dooley) and Theresa Stemple (guest star Nancy Dussault) turns her into a raving lunatic who bribes Li…

6 Oct 28

I'm Just So Happy for You

Paul’s film about Yankee Stadium is rejected by PBS the same day Jamie snags a major advertising account, turning her celebratory bash into a de…

7 Nov 04

Token Friend

Paul is suddenly reluctant to use the subway because a former fellow film school student turns up as the token clerk at his station.

8 Nov 11

The Apartment

Planning their last will and testament together brings up the subject of Paul’s old bachelor pad, which he now sublets to Cosmo Kramer (guest star Michael Richards). Jami…

9 Nov 18

Riding Backwards

On a trip to Connecticut to spend Thanksgiving with Jamie’s parents, Paul and Jamie are doing fine, Mark and Fran begin to fight, while Selby and Lisa are just friends.…

10 Dec 09

Neighbors from Hell

The Buchmans get off on the wrong foot with the neighbors across the hall, Hal and Maggie Conway (guest stars Paxton Whitehead and Judy Geeson), and each subsequent step to imp…

11 Dec 16

Met Someone

The story of how Paul and Jamie met is told, beginning with a chance encounter on a Sunday evening by the newstand, followed by Paul’s hard work to locate Jamie. Jamie br…

12 Jan 06

Maid About You

The Buchmans find their new once-a-week maid, Masha (guest star Beata Pozniak) a big help, but she is heartbroken that her affection for ““Mr. Paul”“ is…

13 Jan 13


Producer Jamie gets to hire the director for a new spot for the New York City tourism campaign and picks Paul so they can work together. However, they soon find out how much t…

14 Jan 27

Weekend Getaway

An escape to the country side doesn’t immediately cure Jamie’s blues, but once it does, she wants to stay in the country permanently, make apples, till soil and run…

15 Feb 06

The Wedding Affair

After unwittingly revealing a secret about a bride to her father on her wedding day, Paul badgers Jamie into telling him one of hers, and is soon sorry that he did.

16 Feb 13

Love Among the Tiles

What should a couple do when trapped in their bathroom on Valentine’s Day? Paul and Jamie show the way—painting toenails, giving mutual facials, and using antacid…

17 Feb 20

The Billionaire

An extremely energetic and eccentric billionaire wants Paul to make a film about him. Meanwhile, Paul hires a new editor/cameraman who is anything but energetic.

18 Feb 27

The Man Who Said Hello

Paul’s father has his 15 minutes of fame following an incident with Regis Philbin that embarasses Paul. Events progress to a point where Paul is being viewed by the enti…

19 May 01

Swept Away

Jamie thinks that Lisa and her new boyfriend, Michael (guest star Charles Shaughnessy) are moving too fast in their relationship. When Lisa and Michael decide to move in togeth…

20 May 08

The Spy Who Loved Me

Jamie’s new client is a former TV star, Diane Caldwell (guest star Barbara Feldon) idolized by Paul and Ira in their childhood. They quickly revert back to their old ways…

21 May 15

The Painter

Jamie hires an ex-boyfriend, Sherman (guest star: Rick Rossovich), to paint the apartment and is a bit annoyed when Paul is not concerned by the prospect of her old flame being…

22 May 22

Happy Anniversary

At the Buchmans’ first anniversary party, love blossoms between Warren and Connie, while Paul tries to turn back the clock. However, there is no love between the now sep…

About Mad About You

A humorous look at newlyweds Jamie and Paul Buchman as they discover each other’s idiosyncrasies and learn to deal with them.
Paul, a documentary filmmaker, is creative, idealistic and an all around nice guy. Jamie, a public relations specialist, is direct, assertive and a practical person. They are very much in love this helps them develop a strong relationship in spite of their friends, families and themselves.