Mad About You: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 16

Murray's Tale

Lisa takes Murray out for a walk and returns with a dog that obviously isn’t him. Meanwhile, Paul and Jamie contact the cops and everyone else joins in the hunt for the r…

2 Sep 23

Bing, Bang, Boom

Phone calls, noisy neighbors and an invisible mouse being chased by Murray are some of the distractions that Paul and Jamie face while struggling to find romance during a long-…

3 Sep 30


A suspected heart attack sends Paul’s father to the hospital, leaving his mother home alone, until Jamie tries to score some much needed ““points”“…

4 Oct 07

Married to the Job

An evening out at Riff’s sees Paul complaining about his meddlesome new producer, and Jamie venting about her same old credit-grabbing boss, who happens to be seated near…

5 Oct 14

So I Married a Hair Murderer

Paul is anything but pleased with Jamie, who has too much free time on her hands, and uses it to cut his hair and his film, improving on the original cut.

6 Oct 28

The Unplanned Child

Paul’s shooting schedule leaves it all up to Jamie to go out trick-or-treating with his seven-year-old nephew, whose extended two-hour visit Paul forgot to mention to her…

7 Nov 04

Natural History

What brought Paul and Jamie together? Was it fate or a big coincidence? Jamie’s belief that it was fate annoys Paul to no end, especially because Jamie is spending more…

8 Nov 11


Jamie suspects a surprise party waiting for her at home. However, that’s not what has been arranged for her birthday by Paul, who gets separated from her on the subway e…

9 Nov 18

A Pair of Hearts

A free weekend in Atlantic City has been mysteriously arranged for Jamie & Paul and Fran & Ira, by Ira’s ex-wife as it turns out, now a casino hostess who wants I…

10 Dec 02

It's a Wrap

An unemployed Jamie is envious of Paul, whose work is something he loves to do. Meanwhile, Paul feels betrayed by his producer Lou, who is now tampering with Paul’s late…

11 Dec 09

Edna Returns

Lisa acquires her 15 minutes of fame under a pseudonym in her shrink’s book, and Paul is caught in the middle of the sibling squabble that follows when Jamie takes except…

12 Jan 06

Paul is Dead

The death of a Paul Buchman affects Jamie and Paul quite suddenly, leaving them without cash or credit. Meanwhile, Paul is morbidly curious about his namesake.

13 Jan 13

Same Time Next Week

Jamie and Paul must endure two months of separation when Paul has to shoot a film in Chicago, returning only for the weekends, weather permitting.

14 Jan 27

The Late Show

Fran tells Jamie that she may be pregnant, and Paul finds out from Ira that Ira may have gotten someone pregnant, but neither realizes that it is Ira who might have gotten Fran…

15 Feb 03

Virtual Reality

Paul invests in a startup venture, bringing out a virtual-reality system with Ira, after a demo but without consulting Jamie, who reacts calmly to his actions, both real and im…

16 Feb 10

Cold Feet

A Valentine’s Day story that begins with Jamie and Paul at Rockefeller Center rink side and moves back three years to the day they finally moved in together and ended up…

17 Feb 14

Instant Karma

Jamie’s fortune cookie predicts that bad luck will follow the guilty, but Paul is convinced her luck is being visited on him even as they head for a party at Yoko OnoR…

18 Feb 24

The Tape

Jamie and Paul are horrified to discover that Paul has unwittingly handed over their revealing homemade video to the Family Network, instead of a documentary about a zoo.

19 Mar 10

Love Letters

The Buchmans find letters written by former tenants of their apartment chronicling a World War II love story that Jamie feels parallels her and Paul’s.

20 Apr 07

The Last Scampi

Jamie and Paul refuse to take sides in an incident between their mothers, while Lisa plays both sides to her advantage. Meanwhile, Murray is found to be suffering from his own…

21 Apr 28


The night before Jamie returns to school she worries that Paul might not support her fully. In the morning before Jamie leaves, Paul realizes that he has forgotten to mail her…

22 May 05

Storms We Cannot Weather

Althrough he is pretty disturbed by Jamie’s lenieny to her younger school college, Paul accepts to hang out with them on a blind date that Jamie organised for Nick &…

23 May 12

Up All Night

Jamie is suffering from sleeplessness because she drank four cuffs of tea full of coffeine while learning for a test. All furious, Jamie urges Paul to spend the night awake wit…

24 May 19

With This Ring... (1)

Paul finds Mark working in a local store. After he meets the owners of the shop, Kim & Tammy, Paul finds out that Mark is learning to pray Zen. While Mark is trying to make…

25 May 19

With This Ring... (2)

The real marriage anniversary arrives and Jamie gives Paul a gift – swiss military knife – and receives a gift from Paul – a machine for making sugar products…

About Mad About You

A humorous look at newlyweds Jamie and Paul Buchman as they discover each other’s idiosyncrasies and learn to deal with them.
Paul, a documentary filmmaker, is creative, idealistic and an all around nice guy. Jamie, a public relations specialist, is direct, assertive and a practical person. They are very much in love this helps them develop a strong relationship in spite of their friends, families and themselves.