Magnum, P.I.: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Dec 11

Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii (1)

When Thomas’s childhood friend and Naval comrade Dan Cook turns up dead, Thomas is adamant that the official cause of death, a burst bag of smuggled cocaine, is bogus, an…

2 Dec 11

Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii (2)

Conclusion of the feature-length / two-part Pilot. Magnum and Alice continue in their quest to find out the truth behind Lt. Dan Cook’s death, and find themselves uncover…

3 Dec 18

China Doll

Magnum is hired by a beautiful Chinese antiques dealer that he’s making a play for, to protect a precious ancient vase, ““the Soul of Soong”“, unt…

4 Dec 25

Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too

It’s the Christmas season, and against his better judgement, Magnum agrees to being hired by five young schoolgirls to find their teacher, who has seemingly gone missing…

5 Jan 08

No Need to Know

Magnum returns from a case to find that Higgins’ old Army commander is staying on the Masters Estate, under tight security, until some IRA membe…

6 Jan 15

Skin Deep

When a beautiful model-actress is killed by a shot-gun blast, in a scenario closely resembling a scene from the script of an upcoming film, it is seemingly suicide. Magnum is h…

7 Jan 22

Never Again... Never Again

When Saul and Lena, an ageing couple who run a local shop, abruptly make plans to leave town, suspicious Magnum and Rick, who are friends with the couple, investigate – only…

8 Jan 29

The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii

Higgins volunteers Magnum’s services to guard a wealthy socialite’s quarantined dog, after the attempted dognapping of the canine. ““Sir Algernon Farnsw…

9 Feb 05

Missing in Action

A new singer at the King Kamehameha Club who claims to have E.S.P. hires Magnum to find her childhood friend-come-fiancée Eric, a Marine who has been listed as Missing In Acti…

10 Feb 12

Lest We Forget

Magnum is hired by a Supreme Court nominee to find the woman he married forty years ago, in 1941, on the eve of the raid on Pearl Harbour. He was a young Navy Ensign, she was a…

11 Feb 19

The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club

Rick is organising a surf-ski competition to be held at the King Kamehameha Club (much to the disapproval of co-committee member Higgins) when a Kahuna appears a places a ̶…

12 Feb 26

Thicker than Blood

T.C. makes a late-night flight to land on a tanker, but on the journey back he is cornered arrested by the Coast Guard for transporting drugs. Magnum and Rick are certain of th…

13 Mar 12

All Roads Lead to Floyd

Magnum is hired by a bubbly young woman to find her father, who disappeared over ten years ago, not to be heard from since until she recently received a postcard from him sent…

14 Mar 19


A perky woman hires Magnum to protect ‘Norman’, who is facing kidnap unless she pays a ransom; but the case has some unexpected turns when Thomas finds that her unc…

15 Mar 26

Don't Say Goodbye

Having once been hired by wealthy, blind Agatha Kimball to find her missing grand-daughter Amy, Magnum’s services are once again called upon by his elderly friend after s…

16 Apr 02

The Black Orchid

Magnum has been hired by a woman to act out some of her rich, bored sister’s fantasy dramas, concocted from 1930s Dashiell Hammett films. Although growing to enjoy the wo…

17 Apr 09

J. 'Digger' Doyle

Magnum tries to impress a beautiful ““fan”“ of Robin’s that he befriends, by showing her the Robin Masters estate, only to learn that she is actua…

18 Apr 16

Beauty Knows No Pain

Thomas is hired by Barbara Terranova, a financially broke woman who can only afford his services for one day, to find her missing fiancé Roger. But the case has several tangle…

About Magnum, P.I.

Former Naval Intelligence officer Thomas Magnum resigns his commission to become a private investigator on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. He lands a home in the guest house on the estate of millionaire author Robin Masters in exchange for testing the estate’s security, but is forced to work under the strict and ever watchful eye of Jonathan Higgins, a former British Army soldier who serves as the estate manager, and constantly patrols the grounds with his two “lads” Zeus and Apollo, who are loyally trained Doberman Pinschers always ready to pounce on Magnum. Magnum makes good use of the perks that come with working on the estate, including driving Masters’ sporty red 308 GTS Ferrari, Audi, and all-terrain Jimmy, as well as equipment such as high-end cameras and telescopes.