Magnum, P.I.: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 01

L.A. (1)

Thomas arrives in Los Angeles to deliver lawsuit papers to a small film company on behalf of Robin Masters, and during the trip befriends a stand-up comedienne. But when he fin…

2 Oct 01

L.A. (2)

Conclusion of this feature-length / two-part story. Magnum and Cynthia became ever closer to each other as they investigate Marti’s murder. Their search leads them to a d…

3 Oct 08

One Picture is Worth

A gifted deaf painter is the only eye-witness to a bank robbery in which four people were slaughtered. Carol persuades Magnum to secure the young woman on the Masters Estate an…

4 Oct 15

Straight and Narrow

Thomas’ luck takes a tumble when he injures his ankle while training for an upcoming charity sports event, and if his foot doesn’t heal in time, his place will be t…

5 Oct 22


At the 14th Annual Convention of Private Investigators, Magnum is to receive the ‘Local P.I. of the Year’ award, but the event is brought to a halt when Jean Claude…

6 Oct 29

Death and Taxes

It is almost the 4th of July, and Higgins heads to Maui for an annual writers conference, and Rick and T.C. take a trip away, leaving Thomas on the Estate to face the horror of…

7 Nov 05

Little Girl Who

Magnum’s ex-wife Michelle leaves her five-year-old daughter Lily to be safeguarded by Thomas, as she escapes Vietnamese assassins out to kill her and her husband, General…

8 Nov 12

Paper War

When Higgins unwittingly causes Magnum to wipe an expensive computer game loaned from T.C., and Thomas accidentally erases a chunk of Higgins’ memoirs stored on the comp…

9 Nov 19

Novel Connection

Higgins is driving visiting Pamela Bates – an old editor friend of Robin Master’s – along with her friend, and her secretary, to the Estate, when someone trie…

10 Nov 26


Magnum is working on a case before a date with Rick’s visiting cousin, when he sees a young native Hawaiian girl become an accidental witness to a murder. With the gun-ma…

11 Dec 03

Missing Melody

T.C.‘s children, Melody and Bryant, come to visit him in Hawaii, but at the airport Melody goes missing. It transpires that the young girl has been kidnapped, and is held…

12 Dec 10

Death of the Flowers

While Rick is planning a surprise birthday bash at the Club for Ice Pick, Carol asks Thomas to observe a court case she is presenting before Judge Kearns, who drops the case on…

13 Dec 17

Autumn Warrior

Survival expert Higgins goes on a survivalist trip on an island with a small group of young offenders as part of a programme aimed at improving their self-esteem. But he has to…

14 Jan 14

Murder by Night

1940s San Francisco: Private Investigator Thomas S. Magnum investigates the murder of newspaper tycoon William Maxfield. The case involves characters that strangely bear a stro…

15 Jan 21

On the Fly

T.C. is giving Thomas helicopter flying lessons when he is shot. With T.C. hospitalised, Mac appears on the scene, ““volunteering”“ his services to stan…

16 Feb 04

Solo Flight

After a run of bad luck, including being fired from a case investigating embezzlement, owing Rick money, and letting T.C.‘s junior baseball team down, Magnum decides to g…

17 Feb 11


Thomas is in Chinatown with Rick and T.C. celebrating his upcoming fortieth birthday, but he has little to celebrate when he looses his lucky $2 bill that his Grandpa gave him…

18 Feb 25


Rick persuades Thomas to take a high-reward, supposedly simple missing person case, but the person paying for the case is actually New York City cop Michael Doheny, who has his…

19 Mar 11

Out of Sync

Cynthia Farrell comes to Hawaii to see Magnum, and to see if the two can recapture the magic of their relationship in L.A., but when Magnum is hired by an adult film star, he s…

20 Mar 18

The Aunt Who Came to Dinner

Magnum’s Private Investigator license has expired, and he is in the awkward, red-tape laden task of trying to renew it. But he has a welcome surprise when his Aunt, best-…

21 Apr 01

The People vs. Orville Wright

Rick insists that Thomas searches for Ice Pick when he suddenly vanishes, seemingly pulling a disappearing act to avoid some information that could land him in very hot water.…

22 Apr 15


Thomas is delivering key evidence in his latest case to the court house, when he is shot in the parking lot by a hit man. Thomas, in a coma, discovers he is not dead, but not…

About Magnum, P.I.

Former Naval Intelligence officer Thomas Magnum resigns his commission to become a private investigator on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. He lands a home in the guest house on the estate of millionaire author Robin Masters in exchange for testing the estate’s security, but is forced to work under the strict and ever watchful eye of Jonathan Higgins, a former British Army soldier who serves as the estate manager, and constantly patrols the grounds with his two “lads” Zeus and Apollo, who are loyally trained Doberman Pinschers always ready to pounce on Magnum. Magnum makes good use of the perks that come with working on the estate, including driving Masters’ sporty red 308 GTS Ferrari, Audi, and all-terrain Jimmy, as well as equipment such as high-end cameras and telescopes.