Newhart: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 15

Tell a Lie, Get a Check

Dick and Joanna return from vacation to find Kirk and Cindy have moved away and Kirk has asked Dick to sell the cafe. Michael teaches Dick the only way he’ll be able to s…

2 Oct 22

Twenty Year Itch

Joanna has a date, set 20 years earlier, with a former beau in New York. A jealous Dick tags along. An awful trumpet player serenades the inn while he prepares for an audition.…

3 Oct 29

A Hunting We Will Go

Dick, George, Chester, Jim & Michael go duck hunting on the opening day of hunting season to film a television special. They’re all stranded when Michael forgets to t…

4 Nov 05

Miss Stephanie

Larry misinterprets a comment by Stephanie and makes her the object of his undying love.

5 Nov 12

But Seriously, Beavers

Dick’s jokes at a Beaver Lodge roast for George are a hit with everyone except the guest of honor, spurring George to consider leaving the inn. Stephanie sells cosmetic k…

6 Nov 19

Tickets, Please

Dick throws a fit and is sentenced for outstanding parking tickets on the day of a big Celtics game. Stephanie, who’s never been punished for anything in her life, can…

7 Nov 26

Poor Reception

After Michael is roped into hiring Stephanie as WPIV’s receptionist, he can’t bring himself to fire her. Meanwhile, Joanna hires Harley Es…

8 Dec 03

The Fan

Dick is hounded by an obsessive fan who goes as far as moving into the inn and starting a Dick Loudon fan club.

9 Dec 10

Happy Trails to You

Dick is dragged into court when a farmer claims Dick plagiarized his work.

10 Dec 31

Georgie's Girl

George panics when his girlfriend starts talking marriage. Stephanie tries to pass the driver’s test.

11 Jan 07

Pillow Fight

Dick and Joanna squabble over ‘creative differences’ when they collaborate on a book on pillows. Larry and the boys stay at the inn while their cabin is being fumig…

12 Jan 14

Local Hero

George is a local hero after he saves two boys from drowning.

13 Feb 04

Dick Gets Larry's Goat

The Loudons feud with Larry and the Darryls after Dick alerts animal control to the brother’s illegal, and annoying goat. Simply hilarious.

14 Feb 11

Once I Had a Secret Love

Dick and Joanna spar after Dick is ‘riddled’ with doubts when Joanna is set to appear on his Valentines Day Show.

15 Feb 18

Lady in Wading

Stephanie falls for a visiting television executive, forcing her to choose between him and Michael.

16 Feb 25

Look Homeward, Stephanie

Stephanie returns home for a brief visit, but she’s soon convinced to stay when she’s overwhelmed with presents. Michael is astonished by Steph’s transformati…

17 Mar 04

My Fair Larry

Joanna undertakes a massive project when she agrees to try to spruce up Larry, Darryl & Darryl and the Minuteman cafe.

18 Mar 11

You're Nobody 'til Somebody Hires You

After demanding extravagent perks, Michael is fired from WPIV. Bev replaces him with Dick. An unemployed Michael falls to pieces, and Dick is exaspera…

19 Mar 18

Out With the New, Inn With the Old

George is upset when Dick and Harley Estin try to remodel the garage so it looks like the carriage house it was originally built as several centuries ago. Joanna hosts a rummag…

20 Apr 08

R.I.P. Off

Harley goes to jail after he is tricked into selling swamp grave plots. Michael, Dick and Joanna set up an ““Abscam”“ to catch the real criminal.

21 May 06

The Prodigal Darryl

Darryl runs off after he and his brother’s win a contest for writing the best commerical jingle, netting them $30,000. Dick, Larry & the remaining Darryl search for t…

22 May 28

What Makes Dick Run

Dick and his crew have VITA fever when the local broadcasting awards, the VITAs, are scheduled to be announced. Dick, inspir…

About Newhart

Four years after the end of his long-running sitcom, Bob Newhart returned to series television for another eight years on this brilliantly funny, often surreal sitcom.