Newhart: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 29

Co-Hostess Twinkie

Dick is stuck with a perky, brainless co-hostess for his new program ‘On the Town’. Meanwhile, Larry and the Darryls name their new pig ‘Miss Stephanie’…

2 Oct 06

Camp Stephanie

Stephanie has her hands full when she temporarily leads a group of ‘Ranger Girls’. While Steph tries to teach them about coming-out parties and makeup, the girls wa…

3 Oct 13

Dick the Kid

Dick heads west to pursue his dream of being a cowboy.

4 Oct 20

High Fidelity

Dick endures the townspeople’s pity when Joanna and new friend Hal are suspected by everyone of having an affair.

5 Oct 27

Desperately Desiring Susan (1)

Michael becomes enamored with temporary office secretary Susan.

6 Nov 03

Desperately Desiring Susan (2)

Michael struggles with his desire for Susan, versus his passion for Stephanie.

7 Nov 17

My Two and Only

A new friend threatens Larry’s position as family leader.

8 Nov 24

Thanksgiving for the Memories

The Newhart family travels to Vanderkellen mansion for Thanksgiving, but is forced to leave prematurely when Stephanie finds her parents threw away her favorite toy.

9 Dec 01

Utley, Can You Spend a Dime

Dick convinces a reluctant George to live a little and spend some of his $50,000 fortune. Meanwhile the town believes Dick to be destitute after a check bounces due to a bank e…

10 Dec 08

Sweet and Sour Charity

Dick and Joanna have an opportunity to shed their ‘town newcomer’ status when Dick’s asked to run a fundraiser for the local library. Dick, the former adverti…

11 Dec 15

Everybody Ought to Have a Maid

Stephanie worries she might lose her job after she breaks a toe and her temporary replacement is ‘better than Mary Poppins’.

12 Dec 22

Saturday in New York with George

Dick and George attend a literary party in New York. Dick worries that George won’t fit in with the high class partygoers and is stunned and jealous when George is the li…

13 Jan 05

Love Letters in the Mud

Michael helps Larry court the girl of his dreams. Joanna holds Dick responsible for his actions in her dream.

14 Jan 12

First of the Belles

Dick’s old college sweetheart visits the inn for a weekend of skiing, leaving Joanna worried that Dick may want to rekindle an old flame.

15 Jan 19

It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To

Cousin Ned Vanderkellen’s 100th birthday party goes smoothly… until Cousin Ned drops dead.

16 Jan 26

Chimes They Are a Changin'

George sets out to repair the town’s cracked bell tower, even after the town votes him down. Michael rents The Wizard of Oz to overcome his fear of wind.

17 Feb 02

Unfriendly Persuasion

Dick tries to help Joanna overcome her fear of eye doctors. George feels slighted by Stephanie after she blows him off in favor of shopping.

18 Feb 09

Jail, Jail, the Gang's All Here

Larry, Darryl & Darryl ask Dick to represent them after they’re arrested for kidnapping a neighbor’s cow.

19 Feb 16

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Loudon

Dick gains an unwanted reputation as an acerbic wit after verbally assaulting an inept guest.

20 Feb 23

Fun with Dick and Joanna

Dick and Joanna find that spontaneity isn’t all its cracked up to be after Dick’s spontaneous plans land them in a fleabag motel for the worst night of their lives.…

21 Mar 09

Night Moves

Dick tries to find someplace to sleep after Joanna throws him out.

22 Mar 16

Harris Ankles PIV for Web Post

Michael interviews for a network job. George finds a ‘Duck Rock’.

23 Apr 06

Good-Bye and Good Riddance, Mr. Chips

Dick enrolls in a typing class, only to find that the teacher, Mr. Brooney, is the same tyrant he had for a sixth-grade teacher.

24 Apr 13

Much to Do Without Muffin

Michael is lost when Stephanie goes away for the weekend. Desperate, he goes to a Beaver Lodge dinner with George and is the life of the party.

About Newhart

Four years after the end of his long-running sitcom, Bob Newhart returned to series television for another eight years on this brilliantly funny, often surreal sitcom.