Newhart: Season 6


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 14

Here's to You Mrs. Loudon

Joanna has trouble dumping a 16-year-old boy with a crush on her. George searches for a nickname.

2 Sep 21

Prima Darryl

Larry is ousted as leader after he discovers that Darryl is actually the oldest of the three.

3 Sep 28

Inn This Corner

Dick and Joanna love the fun-loving couple staying at the Stratford…until they announce they’re opening a posh new inn down the street.

4 Oct 05

Me and My Gayle

George reunites with an old high school flame.

5 Oct 12

Reading, Writing, and Rating Points

Michael steals an idea for a new program from a student in his television production class.

6 Oct 19

Vintage Stephanie

Stephanie panics when she discovers she’s no longer ‘blossoming’. It takes Larry, Darryl, and Darryl’s sage advice to break her depression. George buys…

7 Oct 26

Take Me to Your Loudon

Michael seeks to create an Orson Welles-style panic when he programs The War of the Worlds on Halloween night. Dick desperately tries to control the panicked guests at the inn&…

8 Nov 09

Till Depth Do Us Part (1)

Synopsis coming soon

9 Nov 16

Till Depth Do Us Part (2)

Synopsis coming soon

10 Nov 23

Telethon Man

Dick hosts a 48-hour telethon when WPIV is about to go under.

11 Dec 07

Laugh at My Wife Please

Joanna delivers Dick’s unfunny speech when she’s picked to give historical presentations to tour groups. George babysits the Darryls while Larry vacations.

12 Dec 14

Support Your Local Shifflet

Dick encourages Officer Shifflet to go on strike after the town refuses to give him a raise.

13 Jan 04

My Three Dads

Larry, Darryl & Darryls announce their plans to adopt a child. Little do they suspect their ‘child’ will be 18-years-old.

14 Jan 11

A Friendship That Will Last a Lunchtime

Dick’s former co-host Buffy Denver visits the inn and strikes up a friendship with Stephanie after discovering they have so much in common.

15 Jan 18

Presence of Malice

Dick has a showdown with television critic Curtis Bilgray after Bilgray writes several negative reviews of ‘Vermont Today’. Larry and the Darryls become cult figure…

16 Feb 01

Would You Buy a Used Car From This Handyman?

George decides to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a used car salesman.

17 Feb 08

The Buck Stops Here

Dick becomes the town pariah after he inadvertently kills the town’s good-luck charm, The Great White Buck.

18 Feb 15

Attention WPIV Shoppers

Dick is roped into co-hosting a home shopping show with Stephanie.

19 Feb 22

The Big Uneasy

Michael is tempted by a television executive during a conference in New Orleans.

20 Mar 07

Draw Partner

Dick gets a chance to work with his favorite illustrator, Corinne Denby, while George & Joanna eagerly await the Inn’s 5,000th guest.

21 Mar 14

A Midseason's Night Dream

This unique episode goes inside several characters’ dreams. Dick dreams all his troubles have disappeared; the wicked Joanna torments Stephanie; Michael runs three major…

22 Mar 21


Michael changes his entire outlook on life when he starts producing the news. George gives up on the Red Sox.

23 May 02

The Gleeless Club

Dick’s on the outs with Joanna when he’s accepted into the town glee club and she’s not.

24 May 09

Courtin' Disaster

Joanna sets George up on a blind date. Everything goes great until George runs into his date’s jealous ex-boyfriend.

About Newhart

Four years after the end of his long-running sitcom, Bob Newhart returned to series television for another eight years on this brilliantly funny, often surreal sitcom.