Newhart: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 24

Town Without Pity

Dick becomes the focus of the town’s ire after a prisoner breaks out of jail using one of Dick’s how-to manuals.

2 Oct 31

Apples, Apples, Apples

Michael revs up the stale Ye Olde Apple Days festival, leaving George and his traditional activites in the cold..until George organizes a rival festival. Larry and his brothers…

3 Nov 14

This Blood's For You

Stephanie is horrified to discover that a blood transfusion following an emergency appendectomy came from Darryl.

4 Nov 21

I Married Dick

Dick and Joanna visit a therapist after Joanna becomes concerned that their marriage is stagnating. Stephanie is worried after discovering that Michael had large ears as a chil…

5 Dec 12


Stephanie is attracted to the virile young stomemason working at the Inn.

6 Dec 19

I Came, I Saw, I Sat

Dick’s father visits the inn and, to Dick’s consternation, resists all Dick’s efforts to entertain him.

7 Jan 09

Twelve Annoyed Men...and Women

Dick’s patience is tried when he’s elected foreman of a jury of the townspeople, who as always use their peculiar intellect to irk Dick.

8 Jan 16

Home for the Hollidays

Joanna lands a job selling real estate. Her first sale hits a snag when her low-class clients, the Hollidays, stay at the inn while looking for a home.

9 Jan 23

Shoe Business Is My Life

Michael goes job hunting after he’s axed by WPIV.

10 Feb 06

George and the Old Maid

The Inn’s old maid, Madelyn Stone, returns after a 25 year absence to answer George’s marriage proposal. Stephanie competes with Madelyn.

11 Feb 13

Hi, Society

Dick fills in for Michael and takes Stephanie to a high society charity ball. Dick is the life of the party after Stephanie tells everyone that Dick owns a large hotel chain.

12 Feb 20

Cupcake on My Back

Michael goes into debt after spending lavishly on Annual Cupcake Day.

13 Feb 27

Another Saturday Night

Michael & Joanna endure a torturous evening at Larry, Darryl & Darryl’s house. Dick gives a commencement speech at an exclusive school.

14 Mar 13

The Nice Man Cometh

Dick is picked to be the sidekick for a new late night talk show hosted by an abrasive man who has it in for Dick.

15 Mar 20

One and a Half Million Dollar Man

Wealthy socialite Scooter Drake drops by Vermont looking to purchase an inn. While Joanna shows Scooter around, Michael begins a new career as a mime.

16 Mar 27

The Little Match Girl

While visiting Michael in a sanitarium (he’s vacationing), Dick runs into illustrator Corinne Denby and invites her to collaborate with him on his next book…despite…

17 Apr 10

Buy, Buy Blues

Stephanie goes on a shopping spree while she tries to forget Michael. Meanwhile Dr. Kaiser realizes she has developed an attraction for Michael (who’s been released from…

18 Apr 24

Message from Michael

Michael becomes a last minute guest on Vermont Today and emerges a town favorite. The dimwitted locals hang on his every word.

19 May 01

Homes and Jo-Jo

Joanna gets her own realty television show providing a great lead-in for Vermont Today. Dick loves the big ratings but can’t stand Joanna’s amorous co-host. Meanwhi…

20 May 08

Georgie & Bess

George’s Aunt Bess visits, shattering several of his childhood beliefs when he finds she wasn’t the sweet lady he remembers. Dick and one of the Darryls play chess.…

21 May 15

Murder at the Stratley

The townspeople accuse Dick or murdering Joanna after her ““disappearance”“ strangely fits the scenario of his first murder-mystery novel, ““…

22 May 22

Malling in Love Again

Michael and Stephanie conduct personal interviews at the mall and realize that they’re perfect together after all.

About Newhart

Four years after the end of his long-running sitcom, Bob Newhart returned to series television for another eight years on this brilliantly funny, often surreal sitcom.