North Shore: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jun 14


Jason Matthews ex-lover, Nicole Booth begins working at The Grand Waimea, which causes trouble for them both, when they must show the hotel owner Vincent Colville, that their p…

2 Jun 21


The Grand Waimea gains a new employee when Tessa Lewis is abandoned by her boyfriend and given a second chance by Jason, who offers her a job as a hotel maid. But Tessa has her…

3 Jun 28

Surprise Party

Nicole is visited by her wealthy friends from Manhattan, and is thrown a surprise birthday party in her honor.

4 Jul 05

Meteor Shower

Nicole’s handsome, successful fiance arrives, and Jason is surprised to find that he likes the man; Tessa contends with astronomers who are in town to witness an event th…

5 Jul 12

My Boyfriend's Back

Tessa’s ex-boyfriend arrives at the hotel determined to get her to help him run his latest scam. Meanwhile, Jason and Vincent wonder if Nicole’s fiance, Morgan, has…

6 Jul 19

Secret Service

Celebrity guests like Dennis Rodman, Melissa Joan Hart and the vice president’s daughter keep staffers jumping; Tessa helps the vice president’s daughter ditch her…

7 Aug 02


Nicole’s father, Walter, pays a surprise visit to the hotel but gets a surprise himself; Jason tries to forget about Nicole by getting closer to Tess, who is working to h…

8 Aug 09


Nicole needs cheering up after leaving her fiance at the altar; Jason thinks Nicole left Morgan for him and tries to explain why he spent the night with Tessa.

9 Sep 06

Ties That Bind

Jason resolves to ferret the truth about the fire at his father’s surf shop; a past rivalry between Walter and Vincent leads to a startling revelation; MJ is on a mission…

10 Sep 13


Frankie’s club at The Grand Waimea opens with great success. But finds himself caught in the middle of illegal activity. Meanwhile, the war continues between Jason and Wa…

11 Sep 20


Alexandra Hudson arrives at the Grand Waimea, with a secret that will shock the island. Meanwhile, Walter confronts Tessa, in his attempt to take over the Hotel. And Gabriel st…

12 Sep 27


Alexandra tries to get to know her father while helping Nicole learn about the disappearance of her mother. MJ begins to worry about Chris after he disappears with a client. Ga…

13 Nov 04


Alexandra fires Vincent. Then hires Tessa to be Nicole’s new boss. Jason shows Alexandra theres more then running then just major ownership and Gabe gets Erika a job at t…

14 Nov 11


Clayton threatens to expose a secret about him and MJ. Alexandera resorts to blackmail. Hotel politics rise and Vincent almost loses everything at high-stakes poker.

15 Nov 18

The Big One

Alexandra sends Tessa and Jason to a chartiy event. Gabriel is approached with a sponsorship from a major surfwear company. MJ tries to makes amends with Chris.

16 Dec 02

The Cook, the Waitress, the GM and his Lover

Alexandra has a few tricks for Dan Ralston. MJ’s dad is out of jail now. Nicole cooks dinner with Tommy Ravetto. Jason sees Vincent’s new shop and asks Nicole a big…

17 Dec 09

Sucker Punch

Nicole tells Frankie about Jason’s slip of the tongue, as he confronts Jason his anger gets the best of him. Jason does everything to prevent his land being bought and fi…

18 Dec 16


Fashion designer Adrian Webber comes to The Grand Waimea to lunch his lastest fashion. Tessa has to step in after one of the models breaks her ankle, While Tessa is turning mor…

19 Jan 06


Frankie takes Tessa to meet his family. Tessa has even bigger problem when Frankie’s cousin Marvin recognizes her. Tommy and Nicole get into a fight after Nicole asked To…

20 Jan 13

The Ex-Games

After the gang comes up with Jason’s bail money, the police ask him to help them implicate Vincent for his drug running operation. Jason refuses to cooperate, until he le…


Episode 21

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[Has aired in a few countries (although not in the US).]

About North Shore

Welcome to the North Shore. North Shore is a lush drama that captures the passion, intrigue and heart of Hawaii. This 20-something ensemble series is set at the Grand Waimea, a luxury hotel, where Jason Matthews (Kristoffer Polaha, America’s Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story) is the popular general manager and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Booth (Brooke Burns, Shallow Hal) is the newly hired head of guest relations, having left her father’s hotel empire to make her own way in the business and in life. Working side by side causes much tension between them, but their romantic relationship may be far from over.
Just as interesting as the hotel’s clientele is its staff, which is filled with friends, thrill-seekers, former con artists and dreamers in paradise. Waitress MJ Bevans (Nikki DeLoach, Misery Loves Company), Jason’s surrogate little sister and roommate, is just waiting for her t-shirt design business to blossom into a fashion empire