Northern Exposure: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Apr 08

Goodbye to All That

Joel receives a ““Dear John”“ letter from Elaine, who has decided to marry an older judge, and a concerned Ed enlists Maggie to help him deal with it. H…

2 Apr 15

The Big Kiss

Ed’s wish to know who his parents were summons up a 256-year-old Indian spirit named ““One-Who-Waits”“ who offers to help him find out. Chris find…

3 Apr 22

All is Vanity

Holling decides to be circumcised to please Shelly, Chris and Maurice organize the town to keep watch over an anonymous man whom died in Dr. Fleischman’s office, and Magg…

4 Apr 29

What I Did For Love

Joel’s plans for a vacation to New York are sidetracked by Maggie’s dreams about his death in an airplane crash and his suspicions about the enthusiastic doctor sen…

5 May 06

Spring Break

Things get a little crazy as the town waits for the annual ice breakup and the annual ““running of the bulls”“ down the streets of Cicely. Joel and Magg…

6 May 13

War and Peace

A Soviet celebrity returns to Cicely for some relaxation, some borscht and a deadly serious chess match with rival Maurice. Holling suffers a bout of torturous dreams and Chris…

7 May 20

Slow Dance

The infamous O’Connell curse seems to have claimed another victim when a falling satellite hits Rick. Maurice has mixed feelings about selling some property for an outrag…

About Northern Exposure

Dr. Joel Fleischman (Rob Morrow) graduated from Columbia University medical school where he attended thanks to a scholarship from the state of Alaska. Though he was slated to work in Anchorage, instead he gets assigned to be the General Practitioner of the tiny Alaskan town, Cicely, to pay for his education. The location is remote, the people are weird and quirky, and Joel wants to return to New York. The show thrived on the “will they or won’t they” dynamic between Fleischman and Janine Turner’s Maggie O’Connell.