Northern Exposure: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 28

Northwest Passages

Maggie must come to grips with her 30th birthday and the ghosts of her dead boyfriends by using an Indian ritual allowing her to lay the past to rest. Marilyn decides it’…

2 Oct 05

Midnight Sun

Joel is charged with energy as the sun hasn’t sent and he uses his pent up energy to try to coach Cicely’s basketball team to victory. Holling is distracted by Shel…

3 Oct 12

Nothing's Perfect

Chris kills a pet loving mathematician’s dog; he falls in love with her and then while taking care of the rest of her pets, a parakeet drops dead. Maurice takes delivery…

4 Oct 19


A heavy metal rock star comes to Cicely and gets Ed to make a documentary on a rock festival he is holding with local Indian drummers. Shelly is star struck by the arrival of t…

5 Nov 02

Blowing Bubbles

Cicely’s newest resident, Mike Monroe, is confined to live in a plastic bubble because of M.C.S. (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), which makes him allergic to nearly every…

6 Nov 09

On Your Own

The ever-quiet Bob returns to Cicely, with ““The New Perception Players”“ and still hopes to win Marilyn’s affection. Maurice receives a package f…

7 Nov 16

The Bad Seed

Holling’s less than honest daughter arrives in Cicely and begins to operate. Holling and Shelly have a disagreement about his ““sterility”“ and st…

8 Nov 23


The Indians in Cicely celebrate Thanksgiving by throwing tomatoes at white people. Joel is Ed’s first victim and he is angered because in his words he is ““de…

9 Nov 30

Do the Right Thing

An ex-Soviet member of their state security comes to Maurice and offers to sell him the file of all the information they have in his dossier. Maurice is discomforted by the fac…

10 Dec 14

Crime and Punishment

Chris is taken into custody for an extradition trial to bring him back to West Virginia, where he currently has a parole violation. Chris knows he is guilty and really isn̵…

11 Jan 04

Survival of the Species

Ed becomes gloomy about the future and begins to share Mike’s visions about the future. Maggie digs up some artifacts from an ancient female in her front yard and Maurice…

12 Jan 11


Ruth-Anne pays off her store which gives her great satisfaction and Maurice’s great pain; however, Ed feels the most pain when these two old friends begin to fight after…

13 Jan 18


One-Who-Waits returns and has positive information on the location of Ed’s father and takes Ed to the construction site where he works. Ed gets a job and tries to come up…

14 Feb 01

Grosse Point, 48230

Joel accompanies Maggie as her ““boyfriend,”“ in a trip to back to Michigan, where he has been promised tickets to a Knicks – Pistons game. Maggie…

15 Feb 08

Learning Curve

Holling decides to go back to school to get his high school equivalency certificate. Marilyn goes on an adventure in Seattle and Joel is worried for her safety so he tries to o…

16 Feb 15

Ill Wind

After breaking his nose, twice, Joel and Maggie have a wild fling in her barn. Chris saves Maurice’s life, a debt that he is set on repaying. After witnessing that event…

17 Feb 21

Love's Labour Mislaid

Maggie forgets about having sex with Joel. Holling and Ruth-Anne go out to find a Siberian Tit, a bird rarely seen in Alaska. Ed’s uncle arranges a marriage for Ed; howev…

18 Mar 01

Northern Lights

Joel goes on strike when the state of Alaska will not allow him time off for a Caribbean vacation he was planning. Chris has trouble seeking inspiration for his new sculpture.…

19 Mar 08

Family Feud

A totem pole carved in tribute to the Raven clan reopens a bitter rift between them and the Bear clan. Shelly gets medical advice telling her that getting married may help her…

20 Mar 15


Maggie is excited when she thinks she has ““cured”“ her latest beau, as opposed to killing him; however she is crushed when he tells her that he leaving…

21 Mar 22

The Big Feast

When Maggie distributes the invitations for Maurice’s 25th Anniversary Bash for Minnifield Communications an event ““everyone”“ is attending Joel…

22 May 03

Kaddish, For Uncle Manny

Joel seeks out other Jews to help him mourn his uncle and Maurice calls out the troops to go out and round some up. Chris gets Bernard to help settle a 150-year-old feud betwee…

23 May 10

Mud and Blood

Spring comes to Cicely and Holling pays to get a job on a farm pulling a plow, because of his wish to sow seeds. Maggie saves Dave’s life, a tape from Mike and other even…

24 May 17

Sleeping With the Enemy

Maurice’s son comes to ask for his permission on his choice of a bride. There is a little hitch, Ron thinks that the new bride maybe the daughter of North Korean Colonel…

25 May 24

Old Tree

The town’s oldest tree is dying. Shelly wakes up and finds that she can’t talk, but she can sing. The town asks Joel to diagnose Old Vicki. Chris goes wireless and…

About Northern Exposure

Dr. Joel Fleischman (Rob Morrow) graduated from Columbia University medical school where he attended thanks to a scholarship from the state of Alaska. Though he was slated to work in Anchorage, instead he gets assigned to be the General Practitioner of the tiny Alaskan town, Cicely, to pay for his education. The location is remote, the people are weird and quirky, and Joel wants to return to New York. The show thrived on the “will they or won’t they” dynamic between Fleischman and Janine Turner’s Maggie O’Connell.