Northern Exposure: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 20

Three Doctors

Ed wakes up in strange places with no clues about how he got there. Joel contracts ““glacier dropsy”“ which gives him the feeling of pins pricking his n…

2 Sep 27

The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop

Maggie investigates the owners of an antique shop who are exhibiting strange behavior. Maurice begins to see the signs of age when he is called a senior citizen, meets old frie…

3 Oct 04

Jaws of Life

Maurice is chosen to be a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s, in London, for their rugged individualist’s exhibit. Chris is faced with having to live longer than he pla…

4 Oct 11

Altered Egos

Bernard is surprised when he discovers his new love once lived with Chris for 6 months. Joel starts to fear that he is losing his New York edge. Marilyn screens her potential d…

5 Oct 25

A River Doesn't Run Through It

Maggie is asked by the three guys in Cicely’s high school senior class to be their homecoming queen and she accepts. Ruth-Anne faces an IRS audi…

6 Nov 01

Birds of a Feather

Joel’s parents come to Cicely and his father’s know-it-all attitude gets on Joel’s nerves and his mother gets back to nature. Holling’s dislike of sport…

7 Nov 08


Ed hits an impasse in his film career when Maurice has him begin to organize Cicely’s first film festival and he can’t seem to get things going to Maurice’s s…

8 Nov 15

Heal Thyself

Ed accompanies Leonard on a house call and has success with his first try at being a shaman. Joel teaches a childbirth class which Holling finds amusing and makes Shelly embarr…

9 Nov 22

A Cup of Joe

Chris suffers an anxiety attack during the written part of the exam, when he decides to become a pilot. Holling and Ruth-Anne’s friendship undergoes a strain when a diary…

10 Dec 13

First Snow

As the town prepares for winter, a healthy elderly patient tells Joel she is dying, much to his disbelief. Maggie decides to redecorate her house before winter sets in and gets…

11 Jan 03

Baby Blues

An agent stops by to see Ed about his idea for ““The Shaman”“ but he wants a few ““little”“ changes made to better sell the scri…

12 Jan 10

Mr. Sandman

The aurora borealis causes the residents of Cicely to swap their dreams, exposing secrets. Maggie has Holling’s dream about being a cab driver in Quebec, driving his over…

13 Jan 17

Mite Makes Right

A musician tries to stop Maurice from storing, in his safe, a 1.6 million-dollar violin he’s just bought as an investment. Maggie becomes obsessed with ridding her house…

14 Jan 24

A Bolt From the Blue

The ranger from up in the fire tower asks for Joel when he is distraught over losing his current job. Joel talks him down, but after 15 years of being alone he needs time to ad…

15 Jan 31

Hello, I Love You

Ruth-Anne and Walt take the long way back home when they pick up a couple of oak display cases; however they run into vehicle trouble. Before giving birth, Shelly goes on a spi…

16 Feb 28

Northern Hospitality

Joel discovers that his friends consider him remiss about entertaining them, so he plans a dinner party; later he worries about potential food poisoning. Holling tells Shelly t…

17 Mar 07

Una Volta in L'Inverno

Ruth-Anne tries learning Italian, so she can read Dante, and gets some help from Shelly. Walt needs sunlight to overcome his depression, so he gets his light glasses and become…

18 Mar 14

Fish Story

While fishing Joel hooks ““Goony,”“ Cicely’s fabled sea-monster. Ruth-Anne takes Chris’s motorcycle ride when customer demands get to be too…

19 Mar 28

The Gift of the Maggie

Maurice’s home catches fire and after it’s extinguished there is a danger of asbestos, so he takes some space at Holling and Shelly’s place. Later when Hollin…

20 Apr 11

A Wing and a Prayer

Ed tells one person about the fact that he saw Ruth-Anne and Walt together and later she tells him about the relationship but doesn’t want it to get around so he’d…

21 May 02

I Feel the Earth Move

Ron and Erick are getting married but the preparations are driving them apart. Holling undercuts another caterer for the wedding reception, but when he realizes the cost of the…

22 May 09

Grand Prix

Ted tries to impress Marilyn with the rich client he’s just landed and learns what makes them different. Maurice organizes Cicely’s 1st International wheelchair rac…

23 May 16

Blood Ties

Though he promotes it on the air, Chris has reservations about making a donation for Maurice’s blood drive. Ed discovers his rare blood type is shared by another person i…

24 May 23

Lovers and Madmen

Joel is the only one awestruck by his discovery of a frozen woolly mammoth. Chris gets reacquainted with a girl whose beauty he remembers from high school; however, when she ar…

About Northern Exposure

Dr. Joel Fleischman (Rob Morrow) graduated from Columbia University medical school where he attended thanks to a scholarship from the state of Alaska. Though he was slated to work in Anchorage, instead he gets assigned to be the General Practitioner of the tiny Alaskan town, Cicely, to pay for his education. The location is remote, the people are weird and quirky, and Joel wants to return to New York. The show thrived on the “will they or won’t they” dynamic between Fleischman and Janine Turner’s Maggie O’Connell.