Numb3rs: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 23

Judgment Call

Don and Charlie investigate the murder of a judge’s wife who was shot in her garage. It’s unclear whether she was the intended target or her husband, who was heari…

2 Sep 30

Better or Worse

Don and his team are called in when a woman attempting to rob a jewelry store in Beverly Hills is shot by a security guard. Charlie assists the FBI

3 Oct 07


The FBI becomes involved in the stalking of a popular singer after she is threatened by an intruder in her house and reveals a series of threatening l…

4 Oct 14

Calculated Risk

Don and Megan are called to the murder scene when the CFO of a powerful energy company – who was about to testify against her fellow executives…

5 Oct 21


Don uncovers a secret code that begins the hunt for a skilled and trained assassin, and the efforts by the FBI to save the life of a Colombian exile l…

6 Nov 04

Soft Target

Don and his team are summoned to locate the person who released potentially lethal gas in the city’s subway system.

7 Nov 11


When a father is killed in a home invasion, Don and his team investigate the connection between the murder and a rash of robberies in the upscale community.

8 Nov 18

In Plain Sight

Megan feels responsible for an agent’s death following an explosion at a meth house the FBI had targeted for a bust. When the kingpin eludes cap…

9 Nov 25


After four people nearly die from poisoning, Don learns someone is tampering with nonprescription drugs. When the perpetrator publishes a manifesto in a local paper, Don is led…

10 Dec 09

Bones of Contention

When a researcher who specializes in Native American antiquities is killed at the museum where she works, the FBI is called in because the museum is o…

11 Dec 16


An arsonist sets a fire at a car dealership that kills a sales person. The name of an extremist environmental group is spray-painted on the scene, but the group denies involvem…

12 Jan 06

The OG

When Don and his team are called to the scene of the murder of a Los Angeles gang member, they learn they are investigating the murder of another agent who had been working und…

13 Jan 13

Double Down

A murder investigation at a Los Angeles card club leads the FBI to a complicated card-counting scheme involving college students.

14 Jan 27


When an Asian teenager is found in the basement of an old downtown hotel where she was apparently being tortured, the investigation soon reveals the girl and three other missin…

15 Feb 03

The Running Man

When a DNA synthesizer with the capability of customizing diseases is stolen from the campus where Charlie teaches, Don fears the thieves may be terro…

16 Mar 03


Don and his team investigate an anti-war bombing outside an Army recruiting center that resembles the work of a 1970s anti-war activist who disappeared 30 years earlier after b…

17 Mar 10

Mind Games

Don and his agents are asked to investigate when a search team finds three dead women in the wilderness who were apparently murdered under bizarre circumstances. The case becom…

18 Mar 31

All's Fair

In an effort to find the murderer of an Iraqi woman who had been making a documentary that promoted the rights of Muslim women, Don enlists the help of the victim’s cousi…

19 Apr 07

Dark Matter

Don and his team investigate a school shooting. He learns two students could have a strong motive, so Charlie uses the school’s radio frequency identification system to t…

20 Apr 21

Guns and Roses

When an ATF agent is found dead under unusual circumstances, Don wants to take the case, which revolves around an elaborate bank robbery, after he lea…

21 Apr 28


When an assailant opens fire in the FBI offices, Don and his team must determine his motive and possible connection to a dangerous arms dealer who is…

22 May 05


An FBI investigation into a computer hacking scam that taps into a
bank’s system to gain access to the identities and financial assets of…

23 May 12


The FBI becomes involved when the bodies of young Asian girls are washed up on the beach. The situation becomes more critical when it is discovered on…

24 May 19

Hot Shot

Don investigates the murders of two young women found in their cars outside their homes. Their deaths were made to look like drug overdoses, but Don realizes a serial killer is…

About Numb3rs

We all use math every day…

Inspired by actual cases and experiences, Numb3rs depicts the confluence of police work and mathematics in solving crime. An FBI agent recruits his mathematical genius brother to help solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles from a very different perspective.