Numb3rs: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 28

Trust Metric

After the events of “The Janus List,” Colby escapes from custody. Don and the team go after him, but everything may not be as it seems.

2 Oct 05

Hollywood Homicide

An actor on his way to stardom finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation when a young woman is murdered in his house.

3 Oct 12


When a car crashes into a busy coffee shop, the team discovers the fatal act might not have been an accident.

4 Oct 19


Don, Charlie, and the team attempt to stop a serial killer who is seemingly obsessed with people resembling Biblical figures.

5 Oct 26

Robin Hood

Robberies the storybook hero would have been proud to claim plague Don and Charlie as they attempt to catch a do-good thief who is donating his spoils to charity.

6 Nov 02

In Security

Don feels responsible for a life lost. The victim was in the Witness Protection Program, but she wasn’t the only one keeping secrets…what is Don hiding?

7 Nov 09


When a man is found dead, the team enters the world of alternate reality gaming. However, their investigation leads to a danger for a loved one.

8 Nov 16


When a wealthy heiress is kidnapped, Don and the team race against the clock in hopes to find her. However, the motivations behind her disappearance aren’t what they see…

9 Nov 23


The team investigates the theft of a graphic comic book.

10 Dec 14

Chinese Box

Don and the team are left with little recourse when a former FBI subcontractor takes a team member hostage.

11 Jan 11

Breaking Point

Charlie’s life is put in danger when Don brings him in on the case of a missing reporter.

12 Jan 18


A bad case becomes worse when Don and the team must pursue a police officer believed to have committed unspeakable crimes.

13 Apr 04

Black Swan

Don and the team bust a meth lab, but when Don has a feeling there’s more to the organization than just what’s on the surface, his intuition is put to the test.

14 Apr 11


Don runs into Robin Brooks during an investigation concerning informants and a chess master.

15 Apr 25

End Game

Don and his team hunt for an ex-Marine wanted for murder. Things become confusing, however, when the Marine’s family is kidnapped. Is there more to this case than meets…

16 May 02

Atomic No. 33

Don and the team must investigate a religious cult after scores of followers are poisoned.

17 May 09

Pay to Play

When a musician is murdered, Don and his team must race to find the culprits. They need Charlie’s help, but he is busy with Amita’s parents coming for a visit.

18 May 16

When Worlds Collide

In the season finale, Don and Charlie work together on a case that ends up with them going head to head about their personal beliefs, and one team member will walk away forever…

About Numb3rs

We all use math every day…

Inspired by actual cases and experiences, Numb3rs depicts the confluence of police work and mathematics in solving crime. An FBI agent recruits his mathematical genius brother to help solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles from a very different perspective.