Once and Again: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 21


Lily Manning, separated from her husband, and Rick Sammler, divorced for 3 years, meet by chance when her daughter, Grace, injures her ankle in a soccer game. They go out on a…

2 Sep 28

Let's Spend The Night Together

Rick and Lily ponder taking their relationship to the next level.

3 Oct 05

The Scarlet Letter Jacket

Rick and Lily’s families gather at the school carnival. Lily and Karen, who don’t know of each other at this point, are paired to work together in a booth there.

4 Oct 12

Liars and Other Strangers

After meeting Rick, Judy expresses to Lily her misgivings about Lily’s blossoming relationship with him.

5 Oct 19

There Be Dragons

Rick introduces Lily to his kids under awkward circumstances.

6 Oct 26

A Dream Deferred

Lily faces the reality of being on her own and Judy begins to pull away from her Lily. This happens after Rick offers to remodel the bookstore and Judy feels like the “&#…

7 Nov 02

The Ex-Files

Being divorced means Karen and Rick must both go to Eli’s weekend basketball tournament, creating some awkward moments for them.

8 Nov 09

The Past is Prologue

Lily and Rick deal with the ghosts of their failed marriages. Rick’s becoming consumed with a project at work triggers Lily’s memories of Jake doing the same thing…

9 Nov 16

Outside Hearts

While Lily is at a convention, Judy allows Grace (and Rick and Karen allow Eli), to go to a party that ends up with bad consequences.

10 Nov 23


Lily’s father decides to invite Jake to Thanksgiving at Lily’s house against her wishes. Her father has difficulty in deciding whose side of the divorce to support.…

11 Dec 07

Where There's Smoke

Jake gets into trouble with his business. A small fire at Lily’s house causes a lot of worry. Karen struggles with Eli’s moving into the basement.

12 Dec 21

The Gingerbread House

Lily tells Jake she wants a divorce, and tells Rick about her one-night stand with Jake. Rick can’t forgive her, putting their future in jeopardy.

13 Jan 24


Jake and Lily begin mediating their divorce, and the future of the house hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Rick struggles with a demanding client, complicating his partnership w…

14 Jan 31

Sneaky Feelings

Eli feels tempted to cheat on Jennifer. Karen feels attracted to a younger co-worker.

15 Feb 07

The Mystery Dance

Rick and Lily begin to mend their relationship. Judy meets a man who might fulfill her dreams.

16 Feb 14

Daddy's Girl

Lily hires a divorce attorney. The last straw is after Jake reneges on his promise not to max out their credit card. She finds this out after it’s rejected at a store. Gr…

17 Mar 06

Unfinished Business

Lily and her family cope with a life-altering accident.

18 Mar 13

Strangers and Brothers

Aaron proves to be a source of comfort and renewal for the Manning family; Lily gains ground in the divorce proceedings.

19 Apr 03


Karen pushes herself far beyond her comfort zone when her involvement with Leo becomes more serious. Eli plays his parents against each other in order to get into a bar to see…

20 Apr 10

My Brilliant Career

Lily’s new job helps her put her priorities in order. While talking to Grace, Tiffany lets it slip that her relationship with Jake started BEFORE

21 Apr 17

Letting Go

When Judy’s continuing affair with Sam is discovered, she takes steps to prevent any more pain from entering her life. Lily realizes just how much she’s taken Rick…

22 Apr 24

A Door, About to Open

Lily says that the kids in the two families should meet. So they schedule a night for that. Zoe is concerned about the environment. Grace again has conflicting feelings about E…

About Once and Again

“Once and Again” focuses on the relationship between a divorced man, Rick Sammler (Bill Campbell) and a soon to be divorced woman, Lilly Manning (Sela Ward). Both have kids and between the struggles of being a single parent and careers they often find it difficult to spend time together. The show is unique in letting the viewer into the character’s minds through brief “interviews” mixed throughout the episode.