Party of Five: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 12


Six months after their parents were killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver, the five Salinger orphans are struggling to make ends meet and keep their family together…

2 Sep 19


Bailey dreams about Kristen. Claudia tries to find their lost grandfather. Julia is tired of her life and start going to parties and failing school. Charlie dumps his older mis…

3 Sep 26

Good Sports

Bailey witnesses a fight between one of his teammates and some members of an opposing team. When he refuses to name the teammate who was involved in the incident, he is suspend…

4 Oct 03

Worth Waiting For

Sex seems to be the only thing on everyone’s mind, but no one answers Claudia’s questions about it. Julia decides that she’s ready to go all the way with her…

5 Oct 10

All's Fair

Charlie’s ex-girlfriend, Rebecca, visits and turns to him for comfort, due to a failing marriage. They end up sleeping together and now Charlie begins lying to Kirsten an…

6 Oct 17

Fathers and Sons

At work, Julia runs into P.K. and he later shows up on her doorstep sporting a black eye and seeking refuge from his abusive stepfather. As the family takes in P.K., they worry…

7 Oct 24

Much Ado

Kirsten finds out about Rebecca and breaks up with Charlie. Charlie sees Julia at the club and assumes that she is there partying. Claudia becomes jealous of Bailey’s new…

8 Nov 02

Kiss Me Kate

Bailey is shocked when Kate tells him that she plans to stay a virgin until she marries. When Bailey doesn’t accept her decision and Kate doesn’t change her mind, t…

9 Nov 07

Something Out of Nothing

A friend of the family by the name of Greer Erikson visits the Salingers. Her well-meaning interference causes problems for the Salinger siblings. Greer tries to boost Julia…

10 Nov 14


The Salinger siblings finally meet the Walter Alcott, the drunk driver who killed their parents. Walter Alcott wants to see the Salingers in person. They all talk privately wit…

11 Nov 21

Private Lives

Mrs. Gideon, the social worker, shows up without telling and finds a complete mess in the house. Julia gets to the house wearing the new bar costume, and Claudia is missing, ca…

12 Nov 28

Games People Play

Kristen and Charlie sleep together. Later, she is cold to him and tells him that she slept with him because she is sick and scared. Bailey plans a trip with Kate. Her father wa…

13 Dec 12


Bailey meets Jill Holbrook, a pretty waitress who he falls for and ends up sleeping with her. Morgan begins to drink after his club is closed down and he is forced to pay a fin…

14 Jan 04

Not Fade Away

Claudia spends time thinking about converting to Judaism. Julian finds her mother’s old journal and finds that her mother planned to have an affair with another man. In t…

15 Jan 11

It's Not Easy Being Green

Charlie tries out how Kirsten’s relationship with Ben Atkins is. Julia is surprised to find out that Justin is dating Libby Dwyer, her friend. Claudia’s relationshi…

16 Jan 18


After an earthquake, Claudia and Jill start acting weard, escpecially Jill. Charlie is suspicious about Jill’s behaviour and he’s convinced that the main problem ar…

17 Feb 01

In Loco Parentis

Jill has a car crash and Bailey thinks she might be on drugs. Julia and Justin tell his mom that they’re going out. Justin gets mad at her for spending too much time with…

18 Feb 15

Who Cares?

Bailey urgently travells to L.A. to find missing Jill. In the meantime, everyone is too occupied with Claudia’s 12th birthday. Julia spends some time with Danny, a male w…

19 Feb 22

Brother's Keeper

After receiving a opportunity to get a great job, which one person can get one in their live, Charlie needs to do some thinking, because if he would go, the whole family would…

20 Mar 01

The Trouble with Charlie

Bailey gets into big doubts, when Kate, who has returned back, and Jill both want to get back together with him and continue their relationship where it stopped. Charlie become…

21 Mar 08


Bailey interferes in Jill’s business when she decides to take over of preparations for a school dance marathon. Julia does not wants to rush into having sex with Justin.…

22 Mar 15

The Ides of March

After Jill dies because of overdosing, Bailey refuses to believe that she’s dead. In the meantime, Griffin Holbrook; Jill’s brother; comes in and does not wants to…

About Party of Five

Nothing could be worse than the sudden death of parents. One day Nick and Diana Salinger were killed in a terrible car crash, and left their five children all alone. Charlie (Matthew Fox), the oldest, will have to step in and take care of the family, serving both as father and brother. Bailey (Scott Wolf), the middle brother, tries to keep everything under control but undergoes an alcoholism problem when he realizes he can’t do it all. Julia (Neve Campbell), a young girl who keeps jumping from one bad relationship to another. Claudia (Lacey Chabert), the youngest girl that plays the violin, who has to enter adolescence without any help of parents, and little baby Owen, who was only 6 months old when his parents died and thus will never know how it feels like to have a mother and a father. Together, they go through all sorts of problems, from handling their parents restaurant and trying to keep it running to disastrous relationships and school problems. Soon they realize that in o