Picket Fences: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 23

Survival of the Fittest

Community pressure mounts to convict the prime suspect in a teen girl’s murder.

2 Sep 30

Systematic Abuse

Littleton feels Brock’s department is hampering the investigation of a girl’s murder.

3 Oct 07

The Bus Stops Here (1)

As temporary co-mayor, Jill copes with racial tensions from a judge’s decision to bus tough black students from Green Bay to Rome’s schools.

4 Oct 14

Enemy Lines (2)

A judge jails Jill for interfering with the busing order. Littleton and Max consider dating.

5 Oct 28

Cold Spell

Brock investigates the home life of a girl who spray-painted a pentacle on a school wall. Max and Kenny are horrified to find Ginny, frozen to death after falling into her free…

6 Nov 04

Elective Conduct

Racial tensions escalate as the mayoral campaign progresses. Zach pens a report that gets him suspended from school.

7 Nov 11

Rebels with Causes

Jill takes an ailing Wambaugh to Chicago Hope Hospital for tests and locks horns with Geiger over how to practice medicine.

8 Nov 18

May It Please the Court

Wambaugh and Littleton argue their case in the Supreme Court.

9 Dec 02

For Whom the Wind Blows

Jimmy experiences a mid-life crisis on his 55th birthday. Max and Kenny re-open the Latham case.

10 Dec 16

Away in the Manger

Jimmy investigates cows that are suspected to have been injected with alien DNA, but the Sheriff’s department soon finds that the truth is even…

11 Jan 06

Freezer Burn

The probe of a masseur’s murder uncovers a scandal among his women clientele.

12 Jan 13

Frogman Returns

The embarrassed son of the Frogman sues for emancipation. Jill strikes Matthew for accidentally injuring Zack.

13 Jan 20

Mr. Seed Goes to Town

Wanting another baby, Lydia Brock wants to use Jimmy’s frozen sperm.

14 Feb 03

Close Encounters

Littleton copes with his attraction to an 18-year-old assistant. Max and Kenny decide to put an end to their sexual tension.

15 Feb 24

When in Rome

After 26 years in prison, a child molester moves to Rome, stirring controversy.

16 Mar 03

Heroes and Villains

The Dancing Bandit returns to Rome to help Zack celebrate his birthday but finds federal agents waiting for her.

17 Mar 10

Changing of the Guard

Jimmy asks the Dancing Bandit to investigate the mayor’s murder. Max and Kenny are caught kissing on the job.

18 Mar 31

Without Mercy

Jimmy arrests Jill for euthanizing a cancer patient.

19 Apr 07

Final Judgement

While Jill awaits sentencing, her lawyers ask Bone to put the euthanasia law on trial. Kenny and Carter investigate an attack on swans.

20 Apr 28

Saint Zach

All of Rome is in an uproar after stigmata appear on Zach’s hands.

21 May 05


A troubled relationship resurfaces when Jimmy’s father wants him to take over the law practice.

22 May 12

The Song of Rome

Judge Bone struggles to be objective with a youth who shot Father Barrett during confession.

About Picket Fences

Before Ally and The Practice, David E. Kelley was behind this superlative series. Picket Fences followed the lives of the residents of the small town of Rome, Wisconsin, where weird things happened. Cows giving birth to human babies, a spate of people turning up dead in freezers, sex change teachers, a revolving door of mayors who never lasted very long – and one who even spontaneously combusted! Struggling to maintain order in this Twin Peaksesque environment is Sheriff Jimmy Brock. Married to the town doctor, Jill, they are attempting to bring up their three kids Kimberly, Matthew and Zachary against the odds. The show never really got the audience or the popularity it deserved. Admittedly, season 4, after DEK had left the series, is patchy to say the least. But the first 3 seasons of PF are never less than great.