Picket Fences: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 22

A Change of Season

Following Carter’s narrow escape from a house fire, Jill fears he tried to commit suicide. Kimberly makes a career decision: she’s not going to be a lawyer after al…

2 Sep 29

Reap the Whirlwind

A tornado threatens Rome and Zach is so worried for Kimberly’s safety that he sets out on his bike to warn her. Kenny’s hooker is arrested in a sting operation orga…

3 Oct 06

Pal Joey

A talk-show-host/physician tries to take over Jill’s practice. An Asian man’s courting ritual leads to his arrest and Kenny uses a dating-service.

4 Oct 13


Two escaped convicts show up in Rome looking for one’s half-brother, Littleton. Kenny is shot by one of the fugitives.

5 Oct 20

Dog Eat Dog

Max faces suspension for shooting a man dressed as a bratwurst. Jill suspects Kimberly is pregnant.

6 Oct 27

Heart of Saturday Night

Saturday night in Rome and the residents’ minds turn to leisure activities. Matthew goes cruising with his pals. Jill and Jimmy’s attempt at romance leaves him in a…

7 Nov 03

Down the Tubes

Pregnant Mayor Bey shields the baby’s father as Jill considers tubal ligation. Meanwhile, Littleton is haunted by memories of his brother and makes some big decisions abo…

8 Dec 08

This Little Piggy

Animal-rights activist Kimberly is arrested for a felony. A woman’s medical treatment is inhibited by her daughter’s religious beliefs.

9 Dec 15

Witness for the Prosecution

Rome is in a flutter when Mayor Bey announces that the Pope himself is coming to visit the town. It’s a day of celebration as His Holiness arrives, but the walk down main…

10 Jan 05

Dem Bones

A skeleton discovered is that of a suspected Nazi murdered 50 years before and Wambaugh’s son returns to prosecute the case.

11 Jan 12


Matthew’s classmate shoots himself. A bear is loose in Rome and Kenny assumes the role of Mayor Bey’s Lamaze partner.

12 Jan 19

Snow Exit

In the middle of a major snow storm, Judge Bone has a heart attack while, snowed-in at the police station, Mayor Bey goes into labor with only Jimmy to deliver her baby. Meanwh…

13 Jan 26

My Romance

After being struck by a falling power line in a fluke accident, Carter meets his long dead Grandpa Bob while clinically dead for about 3 minutes. This causes him to question h…

14 Feb 09

The Z Files

Zach’s buddy sends a teacher’s photo over the Internet. Max dates a chat-room acquaintance.

15 Feb 16


Jill’s emotions take control when the Brocks celebrate Zach’s 13th birthday.

16 Jun 05

Winner Takes All

The coach of the kids’ basketball team collapses at a game and the parents group appoints Jill as interim coach. At first she is determined to play fair and give all the…

17 Apr 22

Dante's Inferno

With Mayor Bey off on maternity leave, Acting Mayor Max stirs up trouble in Rome with her sweeping changes and orders. Shock jock Chuck Dante makes the situation worse by homin…

18 Jun 12

Forget Selma

Wambaugh is convinced Myriam’s new beau has ulterior motives.

19 Jun 19

To Forgive is Divine

A young Amish girl, Hannah Beiler, is attacked in the streets of Rome and raped but the Amish community decide not to press charges against the rapist. An attempt is made to fo…

20 Jun 26

Liver Let Die

Jimmy is called out when a homeless man is found murdered behind Reverend Novotny’s church but is suddenly stricken with terrible pains at the scene. Dr Joey discovers he…

21 Apr 24

Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey

It’s the christening of Mayor Bey’s baby, Michael, but the Rome residents are flabbergasted when Laurie announces that she had the baby for her brother Jerry and hi…

22 Apr 24

Three Weddings and a Meltdown

Carter inadvertantly proposes to Sue after she gets her wires crossed. Nevertheless, he’s a man of his word and they announce their engagement to the people of Rome. Thei…

About Picket Fences

Before Ally and The Practice, David E. Kelley was behind this superlative series. Picket Fences followed the lives of the residents of the small town of Rome, Wisconsin, where weird things happened. Cows giving birth to human babies, a spate of people turning up dead in freezers, sex change teachers, a revolving door of mayors who never lasted very long – and one who even spontaneously combusted! Struggling to maintain order in this Twin Peaksesque environment is Sheriff Jimmy Brock. Married to the town doctor, Jill, they are attempting to bring up their three kids Kimberly, Matthew and Zachary against the odds. The show never really got the audience or the popularity it deserved. Admittedly, season 4, after DEK had left the series, is patchy to say the least. But the first 3 seasons of PF are never less than great.