Portlandia: Specials


# Air Date Title
1 Nov 22

Inside Portlandia

Fred & Carrie take you on an insiders tour of Portlandia Season 2

2 Jul 20

The Brunch Special

The director’s search to find the perfect Marionberry Pancake.

3 Dec 14

Winter in Portlandia

It’s wintertime in Portlandia and Peter and Nance struggle to keep off winter weight by cutting pasta from their diets; Candace’s son visits Women and Women First b…

3 Dec 13

Take A Trip To Portlandia

Fred and Carrie introduce Season 2.


Kumail Tours Portlandia

Recurring cast member Kumail Nanjiani tours popular/quirky spots in the real Portland.

5 Dec 09

The Simpsons: The Day the Earth Stood Cool

A “cool family” from Portland moves in next door to the Simpsons. Homer is desperate to befriend them, while Marge is skeptical, worried about some of their more ec…

6 Feb 20

The Celery Incident

A celery salesman goes to great lengths to get the unappreciated celery back on people’s tables. A promotional clip from upcoming season 4.

7 Jan 28

A Prairie Home Companion Tailgate: Soup

Malcolm (Fred Armisen) and Kris (Carrie Brownstein) tailgate outside of a Prairie Home Companion show, swapping stories about Garrison Keillor while sipping piping-hot tea.

About Portlandia

Sketch comedy starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, based on the oddball characters and settings of Portland, Oregon.