Punky Brewster: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 30

Reading, Writing, and Rock & Roll

After learning that Punky did not do her book report, Henry cancels Punky’s plans to see her favorite singing group DeBarge in concert, a move that Punky vows to never fo…

2 Nov 02

Punky's Big Story

Punky decides to write a gossip column in the school newspaper, and she soon finds herself in hot water with her teacher, her schoolmates, and Henry when the gossip column does…

3 Nov 03

Tons of Fun

Punky and Henry get a visit from Henry’s overweight niece Louise. After Louise is insulted by Margaux, Louise says that she’s unhappy with her weight, so Punky help…

4 Nov 04

Divorce Anderson Style

In a special episode: Allen is scared to death that his parents Andy and Annie are going to get a divorce because Andy and Annie have been arguing a lot lately, more than usual…

5 Nov 05

Beer & Buffalos Don't Mix

Punky tells Henry that she is afraid of being in any vehicle driven by her friend Joey Deaton’s father Mike Deaton, because Mike has a drinking problem, but Joey and Henr…

6 Nov 06

Hands Across the Halls

Punky and Cherie enlist the help of the other tenants to help keep Maude Firestein from having to move to a nursing home. Maude is a favorite neighbor among the tenants, and th…

7 Nov 10

Best Friends

Punky’s friendship with Cherie is put to the test when Cherie falls for Donald Sotta, a new boy in the neighborhood, and Cherie begins to spend more time with Donald than…

8 Nov 11

It's a Dog's Life

Punky decides that she would rather go on a yacht on Lake Michigan with Cherie and Margaux rather than stay home and take care of Brandon, until she has a dream that shows her…

9 Nov 12

The Metamorphosis

When it’s time for Punky to get her first bra, Henry is the one who has the growing pains, because he finds it hard to accept that Punky is growing up.

10 Nov 13

Fighting City Hall

Henry tries to overcome his fear of public speaking when he helps Punky petition city council to turn a vacant lot into a park — but another man, Mr. Arnold, wants to put…

11 Nov 13

The Matchmaker

Punky and Cherie send Henry on a blind date with Ms. Maytag, the school librarian, then they talk Betty into appearing on the TV show “Dream Date”, where out of the…

12 Nov 16

My Fair Punky

Punky is invited to the birthday party of rich kid Robert Whitney when Henry is hired to be the party’s photographer. In order to keep from embarrassing Henry, Punky take…

13 Nov 17

The Anniversary

In a saddening episode: Henry has bought tickets to the circus which is scheduled for the next day, May 9th. When Cherie starts acting strange and says she can’t go to th…

14 Nov 20

Tangled Web

Punky fakes being sick so she can avoid school and can go to the movie theater to see “Slime Wars In Space” — an R rated movie that Margaux and Cherie have ea…

15 Nov 25

Punky's Porker

Punky befriends a pig at the mall, and she kidnaps it when she discovers that its owner, Jimmy John, plans to have it butchered, but Henry tells Punky that she must return the…

16 Dec 01

This Spud's for You

Overweight classmate Farley “Spud” Blugner has a crush on Punky, but rejection from Punky sends him out on the window ledge on the 6th floor of the apartment buildi…

17 Dec 02

So Long, Studio

While Henry is closing his studio for the day, he is approached by Matt Glossy, the owner of Glossy’s, which is a multi-million dollar empire of photography stores. Gloss…

18 Dec 03

Help Wanted

When Henry’s most valuable employee, Stanley, quits his job, Henry tries to find a replacement for Stanley, but to no avail. Punky tells Henry that she needs money to pay…

19 Dec 04

Remember When

A blizzard traps Punky, Henry, Betty, Cherie, Margaux, and Brandon in Henry and Punky’s apartment, where the gang passes the time by remembering past situations that they…

20 Dec 07

Unhooking Henry

After discovering that Henry has become addicted to the sleeping pills that were prescribed for him six months ago when back pain kept him awake at night, Punky helps Henry rea…

21 Dec 08

Open Door, Broken Heart (1)

Brandon runs away, and while Punky and the gang spend six hours searching for Brandon, Joey Deaton, a kid Punky’s age, takes Brandon in, and hopes Brandon can move to Cal…

22 Dec 09

Open Door, Broken Heart (2)

A stubborn Joey thinks he should keep Brandon, while his mother thinks he should do the right thing and give Brandon back to Punky, but Brandon escapes from Joey and shows up a…

About Punky Brewster

“Every time I turn around, I see the girl who turned my world around…” Seven-year-old Punky Brewster certainly turned Henry Warnimont’s world around. Henry was a grouchy old man who was set in his ways, until Punky came along and changed him in a way that was not thought possible…Henry became a happy man, determined to be the best parent he could be. According to reports from when this series was announced, there was a real Punky Brewster, but not quite like the one in the show. When NBC’s programming head Brandon Tartikoff was a kid, he had a crush on a tomboyish older girl by that name. Years later, Tartikoff’s first child was nicknamed Punky. He also thought it would be a great name for a series. NBC’s attorneys tracked down the real Punky, who was married to an attorney in Connecticut, and got permission to use her name. The real Punky even appeared in an episode as a teacher at Punky’s school. The show’s premise was as follows: After 7-year-old Penelope “Punky”