Queer as Folk: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Feb 23

Episode One

Canal Street, Manchester. It’s Thursday and that means nineties night in the Babylon Club. Phil hasn’t pulled and nor has Vince, but Vince is being followed by a mu…

2 Mar 02

Episode Two

Nathan tells his friend Donna that he fancies a male pupil, and had met and had sex with Stuart. She thinks it’s great.
Stuart meets a man at work who is married wi…

3 Mar 09

Episode Three

Vince is trying to match Phil with Alexander, but Alexander returns from holiday with new boyfriend Lee. They met during the flight and Lee doesn’t speak English.

4 Mar 16

Episode Four

Vince and Stuart attend Phil’s funeral… in the quiet village where he grew up. Phil had planned the whole event meticulously; it is gloriously tacky, and at the sam…

5 Mar 23

Episode Five

Nathan wakes up with Daniel, aka Dazz, not much older than him but more experienced. Stuart wakes up with two more attractive strangers.
Outside his house, Stuart finds h…

6 Mar 30

Episode Six

Stuart and Marie visit their parents. It’s obvious that this is a rare occurrence and that, surprisingly, Stuart has never discussed his sexuality with them, which puts c…

7 Apr 06

Episode Seven

Stuart throws a huge surprise party… for Vince’s 30th birthday. Things start to go badly wrong when Rosalie turns up. For reasons of his own Stuart has invited her,…

8 Apr 13

Episode Eight

Vince is experiencing intense paranoia at work. Petrified that Rosalie has revealed his secret, he is convinced every peal of laughter coming from the women on the shopfloor is…

About Queer as Folk

Stuart Jones (Aidan Gillen) has got it all. He’s rich, drop-dead gorgeous and always the centre of attention. He can be forgiven the arrogance because he’s pretty close to perfection. His best mate Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly) is funny, adorable and definitely a babe but, unlike his friend, has zero confidence in himself. Since time began, Vince has carried a torch for Stuart but his love remains firmly unrequited. They’re both 29, hitting Canal Street every night, stalwarts of the scene but just starting to wonder where else their lives may be going. Then along comes Nathan Maloney (Charlie Hunnam). Young, wild and coming out with a vengeance, he crowbars his way into their world and once he arrives, nothing is ever the same again.