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# Air Date Title
0 Nov 30

Unaired Pilot

The series begins with the four Sorelli sisters in the midst of their very complicated lives together. Oldest sister Ginnie, a high powered attorney is having difficulty on tel…

1 Oct 05

Moving Out, Moving In, Moving On

The series begins with the four Sorelli sisters in the midst of their very complicated lives together. Oldest sister Ginnie, a high powered attorney is having difficulty on tel…

2 Oct 12

Hang in There, Baby

Ginnie and Bob pretend to be tourist for a day and travel all over Manhattan as the couple decides to make a list of all the things they want to do in New York City before the…

3 Oct 19

Cry Me A Sister

Ann continues her sad moodiness over her break up with Danny (guest star Dan Futterman) as she’s staying home in her sweats and getting rid of old furniture—-partic…

4 Oct 26

Hello, Deli

With their father (guest star Tom Irwin) out of town for the Halloween weekend, the Sorelli sisters agree to hold down the fort at the family deli, but things get a little out…

5 Oct 31

The Naked Truth

Tension in the Sorelli family arises when Anne finds out that her sisters are still keeping in close contact with her ex-boyfriend Danny. Bob becomes more concerned about Ginni…

6 Nov 07

Sex and the Sisters

While Ginnie and Bob are told to refrain from having sex for a few weeks as a pregnancy precaution, Rose contemplates having sex for the first time as she finds herself really…

7 Nov 14


With a family Thanksgiving planned in Ginnie and Bob’s loft, Ginnie, Anne, Marjee and cook a traditional Sorelli dinner using all of their mother Francesca’s (guest…

8 Nov 21

Driving Miss Crazy

After forcing Bob to return the car he bought as a surprise for her, Ginnie has a change of heart and decides to have Marjee teach her to drive instead. Rose’s new relati…

9 Dec 12

Have Yourself A Sorelli Little Christmas

With Christmas festivities in full swing at the Sorelli house, Rose is torn between the two men (guest stars Chris Carmack and Kyle Howard) in her life, while Marjee finds hers…

10 Jan 23

The Godmother (a.k.a. Trust)

Returning from the Christmas break, Rose must face the two guys (guest stars Kyle Howard and Chris Carmack) in her life and decide which one is right for her. Marjee realizes s…

11 Jan 30

London Calling

Ginnie learns that Bob is working with one of his former girlfriends (guest star Jaime Ray Newman) at his job as a singer that he’s producing an album for her, and Ginnie…

12 Feb 06

Daddy's Little Girl

With Bob’s sexy rock star ex-girlfriend, Kylie (guest star Jaime Ray Newman), staying at the loft, a pregnant Ginnie finds herself jealous and questioning Bob’s int…

13 Feb 13

Not Without My Daughter

Ginnie is devastated when her doctor informs her that pregnancy complications will prevent her from attending her father’s (guest-star Tom Irwin) wedding to Renee (guest-star C…

14 Feb 27

Here's a Balloon For You

After complications with her pregnancy escalate, Ginnie and Bob find themselves at the hospital and more scared than they’ve ever been in their entire lives. While at the…

15 Mar 06

Sisters are Forever

The Sorelli family grieves for the loss of Ginnie and Bob’s baby. At the same time, Ginnie distances herself away from Bob as she has a hard time dealing with her loss. M…

16 Mar 13

His Name Is Ruthe (a.k.a. Lhasa Love)

When Ginnie brings home a homeless dog Bob tries to convince her to take it to the pound so it can find its rightful owner. Meanwhile, Marjee starts having doubts and insecurit…

17 Mar 20

The Cape

Ginnie and Bob continue to do their best in fixing their current marital problems. The couple decides to spend the weekend at the Cape, with the suggestion of Ginnie’s fa…

18 Mar 20

The Move

The Sorelli sisters prepare to help their father Joe (guest-star Tom Iwin) and Renee move up to the Cape. At the same time, the sisters begin to reminisce about their deceased…

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The WB Network has ordered one-hour pilot titled Sisters, to be executive produced by “Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman. The comedy-drama revolves around four adult sisters who navigate career, romance and relationships in New York. It was written by Liz Tuccillo (HBO’s “Sex and the City”).