Retired at 35: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Jun 26

Up North

Elaine appears determined to pursue a one-night stand of her own after catching Alan in bed with Susan. Alan asks David and Amy (Marissa Jaret Winokur) to find out if their mot…

2 Jul 03

The Dates

Alan and Elaine go to couples therapy, and the therapist (Robin Givens) suggests that each plan a secret date for the other. David moves in with Amy, after the presence of both…

3 Jul 10

Poker Face

Elaine takes part in Alan’s poker games, making him uncomfortable. David begins working for Brandon’s pool care business, but hurts Brandon’s feelings by sayi…

4 Jul 18

The Grifters

David meets a nice girl named Jenn (Danneel Ackles) at the grocery store, and lies to her about his career and financial situations. Alan and Elaine become convinced that Jenn…

5 Jul 25

My Dinner With Alan

Amy pushes her father to be more friendly toward Jared, but later regrets it when Alan convinces Jared to move his huge massage chair into his and Amy’s apartment. Elsewh…

6 Aug 01

The Apartment

David becomes suspicious of Elaine’s motives when he discovers that she hasn’t released her old apartment yet. David then enlists Amy’s help to uncover other…

7 Aug 08

The Break-Up

Amy is confused after getting a surprise kiss from Brandon, making her question her relationship with Jared. Making matters worse, the entire Robbins family gets involved in Am…

8 Aug 15

Knocked Up

Following her breakup with Jared, Amy fears she may be pregnant with Jared’s child. Her excited parents don’t bother to wait for confirmation before sharing their h…

9 Aug 22

The Proposal

Jared proposes to Amy, leaving Brandon both heartbroken and a little suspicious of Jared’s motives when the wedding is scheduled in two weeks. David discovers that Brando…

10 Aug 29

My Best Friend's Wedding

The second season concludes with Amy facing a difficult choice: She discovers that Jared wanted to marry her quickly to get a green card, while also realizing how much Brandon…

About Retired at 35

Retired at 35, starring esteemed actor George Segal, is a TV Land original and is the networks second venture into scripted comedy — along with Hot in Cleveland. Successful young businessman David (Johnathan McClain) decides to leave the rat race of New York City behind and move into his parents’ (George Segal and Jessica Walter) Florida retirement home to reconnect with them, re-evaluate his life and live the dream of retirement that so many are working toward.