Rush: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 02

Episode 1

After rescuing two children, Josh’s rage spills onto their father, who may have attempted to kill them. The new inspector challenges Josh’s position on the team

2 Sep 09

Episode 2

Lawson and Grace try to talk-down a troubled teenager when she threatens suicide, trapped on a rooftop with her young boyfriend. She was later found to have killed her boyfrien…

3 Sep 16

Episode 3

The TRG is called out to a sports oval where a heavily-armed gunman shoots Stella, who is saved by her kevlar vest. When the gunman requests to meet w…

4 Sep 23

Episode 4

A criminal in custody escapes from the prison van he is being tranported in, and makes an audacious break for freedom. In doing so, he assaults Grace and takes a woman hostage.…

5 Sep 30

Episode 5

When the TR team intercepts a known drug dealer, they discover that a robbery is about to take place, which then turns into a siege when the robbers take hostages. One of the c…

6 Oct 07

Episode 6

Josh, Grace and Michael investigate when an alarm is going off at a high-security laboratory. They find that an animal rights activists group calling themselves ‘Freedom…

7 Oct 14

Episode 7

Michael is found cleared of the herpes. The team arrives at a big surburban party and find a group of teenagers have stolen a gun from a security guard. Stella and Michael then…

8 Oct 21

Episode 8

When a politician’s daughter and her school friend are kidnapped, the team is asked to run a covert operation to get the girls back safely. After it goes wrong, the team discov…

9 Oct 28

Episode 9

Lawson is a part of a high speed chase involving a group of carjackers, Kerry is pulled over for drunk driving, and Josh, Grace and Michael are involved in a fatal car accident…

10 Nov 04

Episode 10

TR is called to a media centre, where a man has locked himself in a room and has planted a number of paint bombs throughout the building. Michael is hit, but not injured. Dom d…

11 Nov 10

Episode 11

Lawson and Stella deal with a suicidal ex-footballer, Michael and Josh chase burglars through a series of complex tunnels, and Kerry is kept busy at the hospital where Dom and…

12 Nov 18

Episode 12

After a nasty domestic dispute, the TR team are called to look for a man, who has hospitalised his wife after an argument. The team reveals he has a gun, as-well as his son. La…

13 Nov 25

Episode 13

TR is given the responsibilty of protecting an underworld figure, who is testifying in court. A decoy is used, with an actor playing the man, but it goes downhill after the act…

About Rush

They are trained to be smarter, tactically superior and technologically advantaged – Melbourne’s answer for a cutting edge trend in policing worldwide. Feel the rush, with an insider’s view of police under pressure – watch the supremely trained Tactical Response team defusing crises, save lives and prevent crime.