Rush: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Jul 16

Episode 1

When a container of illegal weapons is broken into, Josh and Dom race to save the life of a security guard, who has a bomb strapped to her body, and attempt to find the men res…

2 Jul 23

Episode 2

When a group of students are lured into being drug mules, TR races to stop them, as Kerry warns Lawson he risks compromising a federal investigation.

3 Jul 30

Episode 3

When TR is called to a domestic dispute, Lawson connects with a young boy struggling to care for his drunken father; Michael discovers being a hero isn’t all it seems.

4 Aug 06

Episode 4

When a family court judge is taken hostage by a disgruntled father, TR tries desperately for a peaceful resolution. As the situation escalates, Shannon is in a race to talk him…

5 Aug 13

Episode 5

During a routine cell extraction Dom and Stella are caught in a prison siege. As Shannon negotiates with the ringleader, she slips up admitting Dom and Stella are inside. When…

6 Aug 20

Episode 6

When an ex-newspaper editor causes a disturbance at Federation Square, Tactical Response tries to talk him down before he tragically falls to his death. A series of

7 Aug 27

Episode 7

When teenagers blow up a series of parking pay stations, TR races to prevent them killing themselves and innocent bystanders.

8 Sep 03

Episode 8

TR is called to a domestic siege on the outskirts of Melbourne where they journey into dense bush to save a young boy.

When Josh is shot, Lawson faces a dilemma in how…

9 Sep 10

Episode 9

Stella’s future in Tactical Response is threatened when she becomes involved in an illegal car race. Kerry faces the coronial inquest into the cyclist’s death. Late…

10 Sep 10

Episode 10

Michael puts his life in danger when he goes against protocol taking on a group of robbers single-handedly.

Tactical Response responds to a suspicious car tailing an a…

11 Sep 17

Episode 11

When John Welsh, an ex-SAS soldier robs a petrol station, TR join with a major crime squad to help bring him down.

A drug-related story Jacin…

12 Sep 24

Episode 12

When a baby is abducted Lawson races to find the kidnappers before the child’s grandfather, a known criminal figure, finds them first. Meanwhile, a man threatens to jump…

13 Oct 01

Episode 13

When a taxi driver assaults Shannon, Tactical Response links the incident to a spate of attacks against female passengers. As Tactical Response searches for the driver, Josh st…

14 Oct 08

Episode 14

Lawson extracts an undercover operative from a drug syndicate only to discover she has crossed the line and is pregnant to a known criminal. Tactical Response races to track he…

15 Oct 15

Episode 15

Lawson, Shannon and Stella race to save the lives of college students when two teenagers go on a rampage at a college campus. Dom and Michael attend an armed robbery to find th…

16 Oct 22

Episode 16

Stella is caught in the crossfire when an informant is removed from witness protection against his will. When the negotiation takes a turn for the worse, Stella has to deal wit…

17 Oct 29

Episode 17

Michael and Josh clash when dealing with a delusional man. Tactical Response races to stop a woman murdering her husband. Meanwhile, Lawson and Jacinta renegotiate their relati…

18 Nov 05

Episode 18

Lawson and Josh come to blows when Lawson discovers Josh’s relationship with Shannon. Meanwhile, Tactical Response tracks an escaped criminal who Josh believes has been w…

19 Nov 12

Episode 19

Lawson tries to save Caleb from a life of crime, only to discover it’s already too late. Meanwhile, Dom’s home life explodes when Sandrine’s depression threat…

20 Nov 19

Episode 20

A discussion about Kerry’s birthday leads to a bet on who in the team will have sex with her. Meanwhile, Leon investigates a series of video store robberies, only to be c…

21 Nov 26

Episode 21

TR assists in the removal of underage girls from a community where reports have been made of inappropriate behavior. The situation turns serious when a member of the community…

22 Nov 26

Episode 22

Meanwhile Melbourne’s water supply is contaminated by a woman who believes fluoride in the water has killed her husband, and Michael’s faith is tested when he loses a large sum…

About Rush

They are trained to be smarter, tactically superior and technologically advantaged – Melbourne’s answer for a cutting edge trend in policing worldwide. Feel the rush, with an insider’s view of police under pressure – watch the supremely trained Tactical Response team defusing crises, save lives and prevent crime.