Rush: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Jul 22

Episode 1: Heist

The Tactical Response team investigate an attack on a police helicopter and multiple car bombings, however only after time passes, they realize it is all part of a cunning plan…

2 Jul 29

Episode 2: Sniper

Tactical Response attempt to find a sniper on the run, with an city under fire, the teams swiftly respond however struggle to find a reason for the gunman’s actions.

3 Aug 05

Episode 3: Truck

As Lawson’s growing obsession with the robbery crew threatens to pull Tactical Response apart, Josh shows his leadership as TR2 assist Drug Squad with the arrest of a dru…

4 Aug 12

Episode 4: Snatch

TR score a lead when an ordinary civilian unwittingly implicates himself with Andrew Kronin’s gang. As Lawson pushes the man to get to Kronin, Dom takes umbrage. Dom snap…

5 Aug 19

Episode 5: CPP

Christian is thrilled to be guarding his childhood idol, Tuvaluan Prime Minister Pell Fisher, during a visit to Australia. But the glamour of the job soon gives way to dangerou…

6 Aug 26

Episode 6: Brawl

Back on the job with Tactical Response, Stella helps to settle a violent ethnic dispute. But when one of the offenders takes a special liking to her, she’s forced into a…

7 Sep 02

Episode 7: L'homme

As Tactical Response gather to move on armed robber Andrew Kronin and his men, Michael’s foray into the world of underground fighting creates a dangerous complication whe…

8 Sep 09

Episode 8: Train

A runaway train ploughs through country stations on a collision course with another train. Lawson sets foot on the relentless express, unaware that he is on his own collision c…

9 Sep 16

Episode 9: Cooked

As TR, along with the drug squad, work to catch a well known drug gang, Kerry’s efforts to save Blake, a meth cook and reformed drug addict becomes personal when, devasta…

10 Sep 23

Episode 10: Run

On Shannon’s first day as a Sergeant, her confidence is hurt after a juvenile delinquent steals the TR02 vehicle, however while pursing the criminal, she discovers he is…

11 Sep 30

Episode 11: Hostage

The Tactical Response team becomes involved in stopping a weird hostage situation, meanwhile, Audrey discovers Michael slept with Stella in the aftermath of her miscarriage.

12 Oct 21

Episode 12: Crash

A terrifying cyber assault on the city brings Josh and Tash together as they race against time to save the life of a badly injured woman. As the attacks increase in severity, L…

13 Oct 21

Episode 13

When Andrew Kronin stages a brazen escape, Michael struggles with past demons as TR hunt down the armed robber and murderer. Burning for revenge, Michael is helped by Lawson to…

14 Oct 28

Episode 14

A group of Afghani asylum seekers have seized control of Frankston’s Peninsula Centre and taken several hostages, including the son of the Minister for Immigration. With the si…

15 Nov 04

Episode 15

TR go bush for a routine training exercise. Unbeknownst to Lawson and Josh, the younger members of the squad soon find themselves at the mercy of Oliver Ginsberg, who has rigge…

16 Nov 11

Episode 16

Tactical Respose race into town, on the hunt for Oliver Ginsberg. They learn that Ginsberg has placed a very large bomb under the city and that he has plenty more deadly tricks…

17 Nov 18

Episode 17

After the death of their mate Dom, TR honor him in their own special way.

Kerry is shocked when her son James is arrested for assault on a flight from Vietnam. When Ja…

18 Nov 25

Episode 18

TR embark on an unusual and confronting assignment when they must remove a newborn baby from its mother as part of an intervention order. When the mother’s family murder…

19 Nov 25

Episode 19

The team find themselves in unfamiliar territory when Christian is taken hostage during a siege at an army barracks. Christian’s philosophies are challenged when his capt…

20 Dec 02

Episode 20

TR are forced to work with a slick private security firm to save a kidnapped businessman. Working closely with its charming leader Shmitt, Shannon is enticed by the prospect of…

21 Dec 09

Episode 21

Josh’s proposal to Tash is interrupted when ESD storm Tash’s house and arrest him. Facing charges of corruption, Josh realises that his ar…

22 Dec 16

Episode 22

The members of TR are called to a mysterious island in response to a distress call. When one of them is injured, they find themselves in a race against time to not only save th…

About Rush

They are trained to be smarter, tactically superior and technologically advantaged – Melbourne’s answer for a cutting edge trend in policing worldwide. Feel the rush, with an insider’s view of police under pressure – watch the supremely trained Tactical Response team defusing crises, save lives and prevent crime.