Sanford and Son: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 14

Lamont as Othello

Fred comes home to find Lamont and his drama teacher Marilyn acting out a choking scene from the play “Othello.” Fred then jumps to the logical conclusion that Lamo…

2 Sep 21

Libra Rising All Over Lamont

Lamont visits an astrologist and discovers he’s a double Libra, thus his goal in life is for peace and decides to get along with his father at all costs. Meanwhile, Fred…

3 Sep 28

Fred, the Reluctant Fingerman

Lamont and Julio go out one evening to shoot pool leaving a left-out Fred behind to sulk. Fred soon finds himself a witness to a burglary when he confronts two thieves burglar…

4 Oct 05

Presenting the Three Degrees

Rollo and Lamont are managing a girl singing group from Philadelphia, The Three Degrees. They stay at the Sanford house while preparing for a talent show at the Safari Club.…

5 Oct 12

This Little TV Went to Market

Fred and Lamont’s TV set is on it’s last legs and Lamont considers buying a brand new one, however Fred buys a used color TV set for cheap. Things get out of hand…

6 Oct 19

Lamont is That You?

Lamont and Rollo are out on the town one evening and decide to stop in at a new bar for a couple drinks. However, they soon realize they have stumbled into a gay bar. Unknown…

7 Oct 26

Fuentes, Fuentes, Sanford & Chico

Lamont has decided to go in on a partnership with Julio in a used auto parts business venture and Fred becomes convinced that Lamont is abandoning their junk business. Against…

8 Nov 02


Fred gets news that an uncle has died and has left him $1500 in his will. The only thing is, in order to get the money, Fred has to fly to St. Louis to claim it. However, fir…

9 Nov 09

The Members of the Wedding (a.k.a.) The Engagement

Fred and Donna enjoy an evening out on the town but then Donna breaks the news that she has had another man propose marriage to her. Not wanting to lose her, Fred decides to p…

10 Nov 16

The Blind Mellow Jelly Collection (a.k.a.) The Chameleon

Lamont advises Fred to donate a collection of Blind Mellow Jelly records to a music library for a tax write-off. After doing so, Fred finds out from an appraiser that the recor…

11 Nov 23

A House is Not a Poolroom

For a birthday present, Lamont buys Fred a pool table. But things get out of hand when Fred invites his buddies over for some friendly games. They quickly overstay their welc…

12 Nov 30

Grady, the Star Boarder

Grady is fed up being a boarder for the bickering Ferguson’s and vents his frustrations to Fred. Immediately seeing an opportunity to make some quick cash, Fred tries to…

13 Dec 14

Wine, Women and Aunt Esther (a.k.a.) Leaving the Nest

Fred and his buddies are down over the death of a close friend and Aunt Esther’s over-reacting does nothing to help. Thus, Fred decides to throw a cheer-up party and int…

14 Jan 04

Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe

Grady has a a piece of juicy gossip and is just dying to tell everyone. It seems Grip, an old friend, dated Fred’s late-wife, Elizabeth, prior to her getting married to…

15 Jan 11

Fred Sanford, Legal Eagle

Lamont is disgusted when he receives a traffic ticket for failure to yield on a right turn. Lamont is sure he did the most prudent thing for the situation and lets Fred talk h…

16 Jan 18

This Land is Whose Land?

While cleaning out the yard, Fred discovers some of Julio’s junk on his property and demands that it be removed promptly. Soon, a feud erupts primarily due to Fred, who…

17 Feb 01

Fred's Cheating Heart

When a man stops by the Sanford residence seeking funds for a heart association, Lamont, finds out some interesting facts about heart attacks and decides to use the info to his…

18 Feb 08

The Party Crasher

Lamont and Rollo are planning a double date and they have a plan to get Fred out of the house so they can have it all to themselves. However, Fred catches on and Lamont and Ro…

19 Feb 15

Lamont Goes Karate

Grady has been left in charge while Fred is visiting family in St. Louis and has promised to look after Lamont who comes home with a bloody nose, courtesy of Jo-Jo Jackson, aft…

20 Feb 22

Will the Real Fred Sanford Please Do Something?

A woman, whom Fred once had a drunken fling with, stops by and becomes convinced that Grady is Fred. Grady is in shock and Lamont is no help trying to convince her otherwise.…

21 Mar 01

Tyranny, Thy Name is Grady

After promising Fred that he will keep certain rules alive while he’s in St. Louis, Grady tries to keep the house free of Aunt Esther’s Bible meetings as well as no…

22 Mar 08

Aunt Esther and Uncle Woodrow Pffttt . . .

Lamont and Grady have an unexpected visitor show up at their doorstep and it turns out to be Woody, Aunt Esther’s husband who has been thrown out of the house. Fearing t…

23 Mar 15

The Way to Lamont's Heart

Lamont’s latest girlfriend, Judy is falling in love with him and likes the idea of settling down someday with the right guy. However, Lamont isn’t too happy with t…

24 Mar 29

Hello, Cousin Emma . . . Goodbye, Cousin Emma

Grady’s cousin, Emma, has moved from Chicago to California and stops in by Grady and Lamont for a visit. However, the visit turns into a short stay, which is something L…

About Sanford and Son

Sanford and Son first aired in January of 1972 on NBC as a mid-season replacement. The series was the second series created by the All in the Family creator, Norman Lear and it was based on the British sitcom, Steptoe and Son. Sanford and Son was the first sitcom that Lear created that had a cast composed mostly of African Americans. Lear would follow it up in 1974 with Good Times and The Jeffersons in 1975. Sanford and Son was also the only Lear sitcom that didn’t air on CBS. Sanford and Son starred stand-up comedian, Redd Foxx as 65-year old junk collector, Fred Sanford. Fred ran his junk collection business from his home located in Los Angeles. His home was run-down but it was comfortable enough for him and his son, Lamont, with whom he lived with and who was a partner in the business. Lamont was dissatisfied with the business and would threaten to leave but Fred would fake a heart attack and yell “I’m coming, Elizabeth.” Elizabeth had been Fred’s wife who had preceded