Secrets and Lies (2015): Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 01

The Trail

Ben becomes the prime suspect in a murder after finding the body of his neighbor’s young son, and he and his family are engulfed in a media firestorm after a detective…

2 Mar 01

The Father

Ben starts to conduct his own investigation after learning shocking news about the murder case from Detective Cornell, and the deceased boy’s mother suspects his estrange…

3 Mar 08

The Affair

Ben struggles to keep his family together after a damaging revelation is made public right before the holidays, but he also discovers a shocking piece of evidence that could ti…

4 Mar 15

The Sister

Ben’s paranoia spreads to his neighbors, the Richardsons, with disastrous consequences.

5 Mar 22

The Jacket

While trying to help his neighbor’s son, Ben finds an piece of evidence related to Tom’s murder.

6 Mar 29

The Confession

When his stalker ups the ante, Ben accepts Detective Cornell’s offer of protection for his family.

7 Apr 12

The Cop

Ben visits a prison inmate who provides information that might prove Detective Cornell is pushing the boundaries of the law. As he attempts to bring Cornell down, an anonymous…

8 Apr 19

The Son

All alone on Christmas Eve, Ben must face the fact that Detective Cornell has uncovered damning video evidence that practically guarantees he will be charged with Tom’s d…

9 Apr 26

The Mother

Ben’s discovery in the attic further exacerbates his tension with Christy, who, to make matters worse, continues to keep the kids away from him. When Ben finally does get some…

10 May 03

The Lie

Certain that he is not responsible for Tom’s death, Ben tries to finally relax and enjoy the Christmas that he missed with his family — until a shocking discovery c…

About Secrets and Lies (2015)

Ben Garner is about to go from Good Samaritan to murder suspect, after he discovers the body of his neighbor’s young son in the woods. As Detective Andrea Cornell digs for the truth, the secrets and lies of this town come to the surface and no one is above suspicion.