See Dad Run: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Jun 02

See Dad Swoon

David becomes good friends with a famous golfer, who is also the father of a girl who has a crush on Joe. However, Joe does not have reciprocating feelings for the girl. Kevin…

2 Jun 09

See Dad Get the Family to the Airport

David tries to get the family to the airport on time to meet Amy for a family vacation.

3 Jun 16

See Dad Be Normal...ish

Joe is in the spotlight after a heroic action; David tries to show Joe the benefits of being normal; Janie discovers what Emily has been hiding

4 Sep 08

See Dad Throw A Birthday Party

David must plan Janie’s biurthday party when the venue cancells at the last minute

5 Sep 15

See Dad McLivin' With The McGinley's

Ted McGinley gets a reality show and challenges the Hobbs family to let him and his family live with them for 3 days; Marcus and Kevin get locked in the basement

6 Sep 29

See Dad Prove He Has Chemistry

Marcus casts both David and Janie in a father and daughter commercial that he is directing, however, Janie ends up being the one impressing Marcus’ client, with another a…

7 Oct 06

See Dad Run a Fever

The family is stricken with the flu and David tries not to get sick to appear on Whitney Gibbons’ (Raven-Symoné) talk show.

8 Oct 13

See Dad Send Emily Flowers

David sending Emily flowers with the card missing, leads to Emily thinking that she has a secret admirer. Now, David must scramble to find someone to be Emily’s admirer.…

9 Oct 20

See Dad Run Halloween

David tries to get the kids in the Halloween spirit by plotting the ultimate Halloween prank.

10 Nov 03

See Dad Dance Around the Truth

David has a hard time telling Janie that she is a terrible ballerina. Amy’s soap opera character starts to become a bad influence on Emily and her friends. Joe and Marcus…

11 Nov 10

See Dad See Dad Run

David’s TV dad, Bernie (Garry Marshall) visits, then ditches, leaving David to take care of his newborn baby. Emily must take care of fake baby for home economics assignm…

12 Nov 24

See Dad Have a Career

Joe features David as a stay-at-home father in his career day video for school; David begins to believe that his life is dull.

13 Jan 05

See Dad See Joe Sleepwalk

Joe is sleepwalking due to first kiss with Amanda nerves, but David thinks he’s nervous about a fight at school and gives him terrible first kiss advice. Meanwhile, a lon…

14 Jan 12

See Dad Run Until He Drops

Marcus’ wife returns home a changed woman, and the Hobbses struggle to fit in with her. Elsewhere, Joe drops his old pals when he sets his sights on winning a dance troph…

15 Jan 19

See Dad Roast the Toast

The Hobbs reluctantly attend an anniversary weekend party for his cousin, Fred, only to discover that once again Fred has taken advantage of David’s star power to enjoy a…

About See Dad Run

“See Dad Run” tells the story of David Hobbs (Scott Baio), who has spent the last decade playing the perfect father on one of TV’s biggest sitcoms. But when the series ends and his wife resumes her own television career, he finds himself cast in his most challenging role to date: handling the day-to-day needs of three kids who’ve grown accustomed to not having him around. David soon learns that playing a dad on TV is child’s play compared to the real thing.