Shake It Up: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 18

Shrink It Up

CeCe and Rocky go to a therapist to get advice on their expiring friendship. things quickly spiral out of control which leads to a flash back. Flynn and Ty agree to take a Toy…

2 Sep 25

Three's a Crowd It Up

A cute local dancer named Julio comes to perform on Shake It Up, Chicago!, and Rocky, CeCe and Tinka all fall for him. He asks each girl individually to hang out, so they all s…

3 Oct 02

Shake It Up, Up and Away

CeCe and Rocky plan to go to Alabama with the rest of the show, but CeCe tricks Rocky into getting on a bus to Los Angeles in order to audition for a reality show, and they get…

4 Oct 09

Beam It Up

At a Halloween party at the Shake It Up Chicago studio, Rocky meets a cute guy and tells Cece to go say hi to his brother who is wearing a hunchback coustume. Cece says he look…

5 Oct 23

Doctor It Up

Rocky’s dad, Dr. Curtis Blue returns from his trip overseas and is unhappy to find out that Rocky is dancing on “Shake It Up, Chicago.” CeCe and Rocky must fi…

6 Nov 06

Review It Up

A reporter gives Shake It Up, Chicago a bad review in a popular online blog, and CeCe & Rocky are determined to convince him he was wrong.

7 Nov 13

Double Pegasus It Up

CeCe finds out Deuce has been delivering pizza to her idol, a choreographer who came up with an amazing move a few years back, the “Double Pegasus”.

8 Nov 20

Auction It Up

CeCe and Rocky organize a fund-raiser to help save their former dance teacher’s studio. Meanwhile, Deuce and Ty enter a competition to win a new phone.

9 Nov 27

Camp It Up

In order to earn money for a week dance camp, Rocky and CeCe decide to host their very own dance camp for little kids in CeCe’s apartment.

10 Dec 11

Jingle It Up

CeCe does some last minute shopping for her mom, but she buys herself an expensive purse instead. When CeCe doesn’t have enough money for her mom’s scarf, she gets…

11 Dec 18

Apply It Up

Rocky and CeCe audition for a highly exclusive dance academy. Meanwhile, Flynn and Henry believe that a meteor is headed towards Earth, so they start checking things off their…

12 Jan 08

Split It Up

Gary Wilde chooses two dancers to be on a guest spot on Good Morning Chicago – CeCe and Gunther! Rocky tries hard not to be jealous, but finds it very difficult. Tinka, on the…

13 Feb 19

Copy Kat It Up

When an uber fan named Kat starts to copy Cece’s appearance and secretly plots to take her place on “Shake It Up, Chicago,” Cece and Rocky must find a way to show K…

14 Feb 26

Egg It Up

When Rocky and Cece are paired up in a school science project, Rocky gets nervous that Cece’s lack of enthusiasm will drag down her grade, so she goes behind her back to…

15 Mar 11

Judge It Up

When Gunther and Tinka refuse to pay Rocky and CeCe their money for performing at Klaus’s party, the girls take their case to “Teen Court”. Gunther and Tinka…

16 Mar 25

Parent Trap It Up

When Rocky is convinced that CeCe’s dad is trying to “woo” CeCe’s mom, she tries to plan their relationship relating to her book. CeCe doesn’t bel…

17 Apr 01

Weird It Up

Cece hires an agent who boosts the girls’ fame. This fame goes to CeCe’s head, causing trouble.

18 Apr 15

Whodunit Up

A phantom threatens to shut down “Shake It Up Chicago”. Deuce helps Ty identify his secret admirer.

19 May 13

Tunnel It Up

Rocky, Cece, & Tinka try to be in two places at once when Shake It Up is rescheduled to the night of their spring formal. Deuce ends up being the photographer at the formal…

20 May 20

Protest It Up

Rocky and CeCe try to overturn a school ruling that requires students to wear uniforms. Meanwhile, Gunther and Tinka take up new hobbies since they no longer have to be concern…

21 Jun 03

Wrestle it Up

When CeCe’s mom gets a side job working security on a movie, Rocky, CeCe and Flynn devise a plan to sneak onto the set to see the stars. Meanwhile, Ty helps Deuce win bac…

22 Jun 10

Reality Check It Up

CeCe and Rocky throw a viewing party to watch “Shake It Up, Chicago’s” feature story on a national TV show, but are shocked when the show makes ridiculous cla…

23 Jul 01

Rock and Roll It Up

Gary’s grandma visits SIU Chicago and reveals that she was on one of the first teen dance shows. The gang act out her memory of Shake It Up, Chi…

24 Jul 15

Boot It Up

Rocky and CeCe are excited to go to Major Dance Boot Camp for their summer vacation, until they realize it’s not exactly what they signed up for.

25 Jul 29

Slumber It Up

CeCe and Rocky have a sleepover with Dina and Tinka and give Dina a makeover. Meanwhile, the guys search for buried treasure, and end up overhearing the girl’s sleepover.…

26 Aug 05

Surprise It Up

CeCe is invited to a funeral which she thinks is her surprise birthday party. The gang meets Deuce’s identical cousin, Harrison, and Rocky falls for him.

27 Aug 12

Embarrass It Up

Rocky consoles CeCe when she has an embarrassing moment caught on camera during the show. The roles are soon reversed when Rocky has her own embarrassing moment during a news i…

28 Aug 17

Made In Japan - Part 1

In the season finale,Rocky and CeCe win a trip to Japan to be in a dance video game and the Blue Man Group performs in an event that’s infused with Tokyo teen fashion and “J-Po…

29 Aug 17

Made In Japan - Part 2

30 Aug 17

Made In Japan - Part 3

About Shake It Up

Best friends CeCe Jones and Rachel “Rocky” Blue have dreamed about becoming professional dancers ever since they were little girls. Their big break finally comes when the girls land roles as backup dancers on a local Chicago TV dance show, “Shake It Up, Chicago!”. As the girls pop, lock, and learn challenging dance moves for each week’s show, they revel in their newfound status but also quickly learn they’ll need more than fancy footwork to match wits with the show’s other dancers, notably the highly competitive siblings Gunther and Tinka. At the same time, with their best friend Deuce and Rocky’s brother Ty, they must quickstep through the complex twists and turns of an average big-city high school as well as Windy City family life, including their obligation to babysit CeCe’s mischievous younger brother, Flynn.