Single Ladies: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 May 28

Slave to Love

Keisha’s childhood friend, Raquel Lancaster, receives a shocking revelation from her fiancĂ© after catching him in the act with another woman. The aftermath of MalcolmR…

2 Jun 04

I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

Raquel plans on buying the boutique but must convince Eve first,while a lover from the pass returns into her life(Guest Star William Levy), April dates a doctor who is way too…

3 Jun 11

No Ordinary Love

Raquel plans new ways to help improve V. Antonio reveals something to Raquel that could damange their relationship, while April deals with being single and spending time alone.…

4 Jun 18

Ex- Factor

The girls attend the lavish Kappa Boule Ball where Raquel meets an intriguing guy, but also learns a family secret that shatters her foundation. April secretly dates a stripper…

5 Jun 25

The Fabric of Our Lives

Keisha loses big in a poker game to Luke, a sexy gambler, but vows to win it all back no matter what it takes. Raquel dates a former professional football player whose beauty i…

6 Jul 02


Raquel dates a 20-year-old store owner (guest star Romeo Miller) and has reservations about the age difference. Meanwhile, April books a wild R&B star (guest star Tony Rock…

7 Jul 09

Eat, Play, Love

Keisha has a whirlwind relationship with a captivating British military officer who has a surprising secret. Raquel goes out with Charles, the intriguing guy she met at the Kap…

8 Jul 16

Is This Love?

Keisha’s platonic relationship with Sean unexpectedly heats up and she considers going all the way with him. Raquel finds dating two guys at the same time complicated whe…

9 Jul 23

The Business of Friendship

Raquel and Charles’ game playing creates a rough patch in their young relationship. Raquel and Keisha have business dealins with Nicolette, a former supermodel with her o…

10 Jul 30

Fast Love

Malcolm re-enters Keisha’s life with an offer to sell his father’s mansion. During the property’s auction, Keisha finds herself caught between battling divas,…

11 Aug 06

Stormy Weather

While a tornado threatens to touch down near the boutique, Raquel gets trapped in an elevator with Charles, who shares a surprising revelation. After an eye-opening encounter w…

12 Aug 13

All or Nothing

After a night out with the girls, Keisha’s doubts about Sean are a distant memory when he comes to her aid after she’s victimized. Distraught over her recent break-…

13 Aug 20

Still In Love With You

Malcolm reaches out to Keisha for help, an action that poses a threat to her relationship with Sean. Elsewhere, Antonio reappears in Raquel’s life.

14 Aug 27


In the Season 2 finale, Keisha encounters a stalker and must make a game-changing decision about her love life. Meanwhile, Raquel comes to a romantic crossroads after meeting C…

About Single Ladies

VH1 has teamed up with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment to bring viewers “Single Ladies,” a new comedic drama series that asks the question what do women really want in a relationship?

Single Ladies is a comedic drama about Val, Keisha, and April – three best friends with different philosophies on sex and relationships. Val (Stacey Dash) is an ambitious aspiring fashion mogul who wants to find a true partner. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy), on the other hand, is a former video dancer just looking for a rich man to keep her in style. April (Charity Shea,) has supposedly found the perfect man and the perfect marriage – but is learning that marriage isn’t necessarily a happy ending.

Single Ladies is a modern, sexy series set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity that will constantly explore which woman has the right approach to relationships.