Six Feet Under: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Jun 13

Falling Into Place

Bruno Baskerville Walsh 1951-1972
Nate is having a difficult time with Lisa’s death. The guilt that he feels is overshadowed by the arrival of Lisa’s family.…

2 Jun 20

In Case of Rapture

Dorothy Sheedy1954-2003
The Fisher family seems to be having a hard time accepting George. Ruth is trying to integrate his furniture into their house as a way to get them…

3 Jun 27

Parallel Play

Kaitlin Elise Stolte1989-2003
David is training Arthur to perform more customer oriented duties. And with those responsibilities, new things are required – like a new w…

4 Jul 11

Can I Come Up Now?

Lawrence Henry Mason1938-2003
David’s former fiancée, Jennifer, calls David in the middle of the night. Her father has been killed by a lightening strike and she wa…

5 Jul 18

That's My Dog

Anne Marie Thornton1966-2004
On the way home from retrieving a body, David picks up a hitchhiker, who then takes him for a ride. At the funeral home, Ruth plans to match…

6 Jul 25

Terror Starts At Home

Robert Carl Meinhardt1962-2004
David struggles with the aftermath of his attack. He downplays the incident with his family by telling them he was carjacked. He tries to g…

7 Aug 01

The Dare

Joan Morrison1939-2004
Claire is developing quite the crush on Edie. She continues to stare at a photo she took of Edie. Wonder what she has in mind. She is staying at Da…

8 Aug 08

Coming And Going

James Dubois Marshall1923-2004
It is a typical Sunday morning at Fisher & Diaz Funeral Home, Claire is putting the moves on her new lover Edie, Ruth is pressuring Geo…

9 Aug 15

Grinding The Corn

Lawrence Tuttle1969-2004
George, Rico and Nate now all living under the same roof have become roommates. In the aftermath of Ruth’s leaving, George feels fine, on t…

10 Aug 22

The Black Forest

Robert Duane Wething1958-2004
Nate, Maya and Brenda go to Idaho to inter Lisa’s cremains. Breanda stays at the motel, but the Idaho relatives discover the rebound r…

11 Aug 29

The Bomb Shelter

Edward Gordon Gorodetsky1956-2004 Coco Grimes Gorodetsky1962-2004 Michael Timothy Gorodetsky1992-2004 Amanda Lynn Gorodetsky1995-2004
Ruth is very excited about goi…

12 Sep 12


Kenneth M. Henderson1954-2004
George has a terrible nightmare connected to his apocalyptic fears; in the dream he is visited by a mysterious woman in a turquoise dress wh…

About Six Feet Under

When death is your business, what is your life? For the Fisher family, the world outside of their family-owned funeral home continues to be at least as challenging as—and far less predictable than—the one inside. Oscar-winning screenwriter Alan Ball’s breakout series that takes a darkly comic look at members of a dysfunctional L.A. family that run a funeral business.