Sons & Daughters: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 07

Anniversary Party

Cameron throws a 25th anniversary party for Colleen and Wendal which turns out to be a disaster. Meanwhile, Sharon and Don struggle with intimacy issues, which their children…

2 Mar 07

Bowling Night

Colleen learns the truth about Wendal’s plan, and confronts him at their traditional bowling night. Meanwhile, Sharon and Don attempt to improve their sexless marriage, w…

3 Mar 14

Film Festival

In an effort to support their awkward son Henry, Cameron and the family attend his school film festival, despite Henry’s wishs. Upon watching the film, it becomes painful…

4 Mar 14

BBQ Therapy

Cameron throws his annual barbeque, which quickly becomes a comedy of errors with one miscommunication after another among family members turning what should be a fun family ge…

5 Mar 21

Family Finance

Cameron borrows money from his sister Sharon, which doesn’t come without a price of its own. Meanwhile, instead of coming to his father, Cameron, with his problem of a ve…

6 Mar 21


Cameron’s lack of enthusiasm at wife Liz’s acceptance into graduate school and his mockery of younger sister Jenna’s aspirations to be a singer put him on the…

7 Mar 28

Hospital Visit

In the middle of an argument with Cameron, Colleen is rushed to the hospital with chest pains. Fearing she’s had a heart attack, the family rushes to be by her side, leav…

8 Mar 28

Surprise Party

Comming soon

9 Apr 04

House Party

comming soon

10 Apr 04

The Homecoming

After 35 years, Cameron and Sharon’s father, Merv, returns out of the blue. They decide to have dinner with him to discuss where he’s been all these years, but a su…


Paige Returns

Cameron’s ex-wife Paige returns.

About Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters is an ABC sitcom that stars Fred Goss (“Significant Others”) in this unique hybrid comedy series that offers a mix of improvisational and scripted humor in an unadulterated look at marriage, raising children and living in close proximity to an extended family. Series creators Goss and Nick Holly borrow from their own middle-American, middle-class upbringings to deliver a very real and relatable modern-day family comedy. At the center of the family dynamic is Cameron (Goss), happily married to his second wife, Liz (Gillian Vigman, “Mad TV”), and the father of three children with her. One of the speed bumps on their road to domestic bliss comes from Cameron’s resentful teenaged son from his first marriage who recently moved in and is not adjusting well to life with his father and new step-family. Cameron’s life is further complicated by his sister, Sharon (Alison Quinn), and her husband, Don (Jerry Lambert), seemingly happily married with two teenaged children — yet both in deep denial on several issues, including a current years-long sex drought. Cameron and Sharon’s very pretty younger stepsister, Jenna (Amanda Walsh) — the “it girl” when she was in high school — had her career plans derailed by becoming a single mom. She continues to be attracted to “bad” boys like Tommy White, AKA Whitey (Greg Pitts), and not to the nice guys — like Wylie (Desmond Harrington) — who are attracted to her. The three siblings’ parents, Colleen (Dee Wallace) and Wendal (Max Gail), are extremely devoted to their adult children and their grandchildren but, not surprisingly, have some issues of their own. Colleen, a little uptight and impulsively judgmental, both likes and dislikes the safe and comfortable environment that husband Wendal has provided for 25 years. A good guy, Wendal juggles and struggles with the varied relationships he has with his extended family members.