South Beach: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jan 11


In the two-hour series premiere, best friends Matt and Vincent leave their lives in Brooklyn behind as they set out for the glamour and adventure of Miami where Matt hopes to r…

2 Jan 11

I'm Not Your Baby

In the second hour of the two-hour series premiere, the rap singer Pitbull gets robbed during a video shoot, and Matt investigates the situation. Meanwhile, Vincent starts wo…

3 Jan 18

I Want What's Coming to Me

Elizabeth must ask Fuentes for help when a dirty cop tells her that he’ll only stay away from her club’s business if she pays him protection money. Meanwhile, Arie…

4 Jan 25

Every Day Above Ground is a Good Day

Charlie (Matt’s father) feels bad about gambling away Matt’s college savings, so he hunts him down to apologize for his behavior. But when Vincent receives a troubl…

5 Feb 01

Who Do You Trust

Elizabeth thinks about mixing business and pleasure with her old flame Warren Stella, who’s become a major fashion designer. Arielle’s friendship with Brianna is pu…

6 Feb 08

I'll Do What I Wanna Do

Elizabeth is distracted and busy hosting a wedding, prompting Alex to make secret plans for Fuentes at Nocturnal. Unfortunately a shooter attempts to kill Fuentes, and a showdo…

7 Feb 15

The S.B.

Matt finds out that Maggie is a really good singer and gives her CD to a well-known music producer. Meanwhile Alex becomes Arielle’s manager and employs agressive tactic…

8 Feb 22

It Looked LIke Somebody's Nightmare

Alex thinks that Elizabeth is trying to undermine his recent management of Arielle’s modeling when she asks Arielle and Brianna to be models for her new Soleil clothing l…

About South Beach

South Beach is centered on two best friends, Vince and Matt, who left their lives in Brooklyn behind and moved to the beautiful South Beach in hopes of finding a better future. Matt meets up with his fashion model ex-girlfriend Ariel, who has a new boyfriend Alex, the manager of the nightclub Nocturnal. Alex’s mother Elizabeth owns Nocturnal, along with an adjoining hotel named Hotel Soleil, and quickly hires Matt to work for her. Matt has trouble getting along with Alex, and both Matt and Ariel can’t seem to settle on just being friends as feelings from their past relationship keep getting in the way. Matt eventually hooks up with Maggie, a waitress at the hotel and bartender at the nightclub, but things still seem to be tense when Matt and Ariel are together. Meanwhile, Vincent gains the trust of Fuentes, a powerful player in South Beach’s shady underworld, and is offered a job with him. Vincent carries out some pretty odd tasks for Fuentes and gets put in some very intense situations while working for him. He also finds Brianna, a model friend of Ariel, who he believes might be “the one” and sets his sights on her, eventually hooking up with her and beginning a meaningful relationship.