Sports Night: Specials


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The Show

All-new interviews with Josh Charles, Felicity Huffman, Peter Krause, Joshua Malina, Robert Guillaume, show creator Aaron Sorkin, Director/executive producer Thomas Schlamme an…


Face-Off: ESPN's SportsCenter vx. CSC's Sports Night

The real-life counterparts to Sports Night’s fictional team tell us what the show got right. Featuring SportsCenter anchors Josh Elliot and Jay Harris, Senior Coordinati…


Season One Gag Reel


Looking Back

An intimate conversation with Aaron Sorkin and THomas Schlamme.


Inside the Locker Room

A behind the scenes wlook at the creeative and technical innovation of Sports Night.


Season Two Gag Reel


Original Promos

The original ABC Promos.

About Sports Night

Sports Night ran nearly two full seasons on the ABC network in the US during the ’98-99 and ’99-00 seasons. Smart, fast-paced, witty and featuring a fine ensemble cast, Sports Night struggled in the ratings from the start, particularly during its second season, when it was routinely pre-empted and moved from night to night. Art imitated life imitating art, as the show took on a consultant, was hired to “tweak” the ratings. The show within a show continued to falter, amidst rumors of the imminent sale of its network and the subsequent gutting of its staff, until it, like its parent Sports Night, simply disappeared from the schedule.