Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 6


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 21

Time's Arrow (2)

Stardate: 46001.3 – The away team’s investigations are hampered by a nosy Samuel Clemens. Picard discovers that he originally met Guinan in the 1890s on Earth.

2 Sep 28

Realm of Fear

Stardate: 46041.4 – Lt. Barclay’s fear of using transporters is eerily justified when he sees bizarre aliens within the transporter beam.

3 Oct 05

Man of the People

Stardate: 46071.6 – Deanna becomes attracted to an alien ambassador. Shortly thereafter, she starts ageing rapidly and starts becoming violent.

4 Oct 12


Stardate: 46125.3 – Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott is discovered suspended in a transporter beam 75 years after he disappeared. After the Enterprise crew re-materi…

5 Oct 19


Stardate: 46154.2 – Members of the crew are secretly abducted from the Enterprise to be used in bizarre experiments where they are dismembered and re-assembled without an…

6 Oct 26

True Q

Stardate: 46192.3 – A young intern visiting the Enterprise captures the interest of Q when she starts displaying Q-like powers.

7 Nov 02


Stardate: 46235.7 – A transporter accident transforms Picard, Ro Laren, Guinan and Keiko O’Brien into small children who appear to be about 12 years old. Matters ar…

8 Nov 09

A Fistful of Datas

Stardate: 46271.5 – Worf and his son, Alexander, become trapped in the holodeck when their Wild West program malfunctions. However, they must find a way to defeat the hol…

9 Nov 16

The Quality of Life

Stardate: 46315.2 – Data discovers that the maintance robots built by Dr. Farallon may have become sentient.

10 Dec 14

Chain of Command (1)

Stardate: 46357.4 – Picard resigns as Captain of the Enterprise to lead a top-secret espionage mission into Cardassia with Worf and Dr. Crusher.

11 Dec 21

Chain of Command (2)

Stardate: 46360.8 – Picard is captured and tortured by the Cardassians, while Riker tries to prevent a Federation attack on Cardassia.

12 Jan 25

Ship in a Bottle

Stardate: 46424.1 – While performing holodeck maintenance, Barclay accesses the stored hologram of Professor Moriarty, who wreaks havoc on board the Enterprise.

13 Feb 01


Stardate: 46461.3 – Geordie falls in love with a lieutenant who is the prime suspect in a murder case.

14 Feb 08

Face of the Enemy

Stardate: 46519.1 – Troi is abducted and surgically altered by the Romulans as part of a ploy to smuggle intelligence operatives into the Federation.

15 Feb 15


Stardate: Unknown – A mortally wounded Picard is forced into re-living a time of his life when he was back in Starfleet Academy, with the intervention of Q.

16 Feb 22

Birthright (1)

Stardate: 46578.4 – While visiting Deep Space Nine, Worf learns that his father is still alive and being held captive in a secret Romulan prison camp.

17 Mar 01

Birthright (2)

Stardate: 46759.2 – Worf is captured by the Romulans where he learns why the other captives did not attempt an escape years before.

18 Mar 29

Starship Mine

Stardate: 46682.4 – The crew evacuates the Enterprise when the ship needs to be cleaned of particles that have built up over the ship’s hull. However, Picard accide…

19 Apr 05


Stardate: 46693.1 – Picard must choose between love and command when he must make a decision that could place the woman he loves in a potentially deadly and high-risk mis…

20 Apr 26

The Chase

Stardate: 46731.5 – Picard’s old archaeology professor is found murdered, the crew try to complete his research. Soon, the crew must compete with Romulans and Kling…

21 May 03

Frame of Mind

Stardate: 46778.1 – Riker questions his sanity when his reality seems to shift between an alien psychiatric hospital and a play he is performing with other members of the…

22 May 10


Stardate: 46830.1 – Dr. Crusher puts her career on the line when she tries to clear the name of a murdered scientist whose invention could allow starships to pass through…

23 May 17

Rightful Heir

Stardate: 46852.2 – While on a quest to summon a vision of Kahless, Worf questions his faith when the real Kahless rises from the dead to lead the Empire.

24 May 24

Second Chances

Stardate: 46915.2 – Riker discovers that eight years ago, an exact clone of him was created when he beamed through a planet’s surface while returning to his starshi…

25 Jun 14


Stardate: 46944.2 – Picard, Geordi, Troi and Data return from a Federation conference to find the Enterprise frozen in time and under attack from a frozen Romulan Warbird…

26 Jun 21

Descent (1)

Stardate: 46982.1 – The Borg return to threaten the Federation under the new leadership of Lore. Data experiences a disturbing facet of human emotions – he feels pl…

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A century after Captain Kirk’s five year mission the next generation of Starfleet officers begins their journey aboard the new flagship of the Federation.

Commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard the Galaxy class starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D will seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before.