Starved: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Aug 04


Sam, Billie, Adam and Dan are four New Yorkers who are dealing with their individual eating disorders together. All four of them lean on one another for support and are good fr…

2 Aug 11

Please Releases Me, Let Me Go

Sam begins to date his colonic hydrotherapist only to realize he is jealous of the woman’s other clients. Billie goes to visit her family and friends, but must deal with…

3 Aug 18

Scrotal Origami

Dan’ wife throws him out of the house after she learns about his sexual experiment. Billie begins to work out more, but discovers the reason behinds a girl’s figure…

4 Aug 25


Dan begins a fad diet while Adam is at risk of losing his job as a police officer. Sam is finally going on a date with someone he has been infatuated with for a long time. Howe…

5 Sep 01

Thank you. I love you

At the gym Billie befriends a cancer survivor while Sam joins a yoga class to meet the instructor. Also Adam, who is a police officer, is caught by Internal Affairs for doing s…

6 Sep 08

Viva La Cucaracha

Billie introduces her newest girlfried to her parents. Sam decides to try becoming a Vegan and Dan finally decides to get serious about having his gastric bypass surgery.

7 Sep 15

The Breatharians

Despite Dan getting his jaw wired shut, his wife is not satisfied with his attempts to lose weight, and gives him an ultimatum: Lose the weight or lose me. After recieving this…

About Starved

Created by and starring Eric Schaeffer (“If Lucy Fell,” “Too Something”), “Starved” is, according to the network, “a comedic take on food addiction, which is used as the backdrop to the funny, romantic and personal misadventures of the four characters.”

Schaeffer will star as a neurotic Wall Streeter living in Brooklyn who’s friends with a bulimic cop (Sterling K. Brown, “Brown Sugar”), an overweight writer (Del Pentecost, “Kingdom Hospital”) and an anorexic would-be songwriter (Broadway actress Laura Benanti, “Nine”).