Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 03

Thy Kingdom Come

Artist Peter Rickman is run down by a stoned, two-time loser driving a minivan. He is admitted comatose to Kingdom Hospital, but not before encountering a frightening, ghostly…

2 Mar 10

Death's Kingdom

Despite being forcibly discharged from the hospital by Dr. Stegman, Mrs. Druse recruits the semi-conscious, telepathic Peter to join her at a séance to identify the spirit who…

3 Mar 17

Goodbye Kiss

After seeing a girl and finding a toy doll in the elevator shaft, Dr. Hook is convinced to help Druse stay in the hospital while she finds the source of the haunting. Meanwhil…

4 Mar 24

The West Side Of Midnight

The ex-wife of Dr. Traff dies from a heart attack in his care, while his son Elmer has a dream involving the anteater. Lenny passes onto the other side, and tries to help Drus…

5 Mar 31

Hook's Kingdom

The psychic Mrs. Druse is called to assist when the trapped evil spirit of a tortured teenaged boy wreaks havoc on the staff, patients and innocent spirits inhabiting Kingdom H…

6 Apr 08

The Young And The Headless

Using Peter Rickman’s drawings as a guide, Mrs. Druse and Hook make contact with Mary and her nemesis, Paul, and begin to navigate through the trenches of Kingdom Hospita…

7 Apr 15

Black Noise

Still unable to speak, Peter gets a message to Dr. Hook and Mrs. Druse that a very dark presence within Kingdom Hospital is channeling his evil through a hallucinating alcoholi…

8 Apr 22


An attorney in need of a heart transplant rues the day he checked into Kingdom Hospital. Meanwhile, Hook discovers authentic newspaper clippings inside Mary’s doll that r…

9 Apr 29


When a retired major league baseball player attempts to take his own life and is admitted to Kingdom Hospital, he begins a chain reaction that opens up some horrific old wounds…

10 Jun 24

The Passion Of Reverend Jimmy

When the reverend of the Christ-Oly-Christ mission is sacrificed, new life resurges in and around Kingdom Hospital and the mystery behind Mary’s death is revealed. Meanwh…

11 Jul 01

Seizure Day

When two different patients have seizures, they awaken to frightening visions of the living dead haunting Kingdom Hospital’s halls, and the reverberations from Mona Kling…

12 Jul 08

Shoulda Stood In Bed

When Peter Rickman has yet another seizure, he witnesses the eventual fate of Kingdom Hospital and makes a tangible connection with its frightening past. When Peter awakes, his…

13 Jul 15


The collective strengths of Peter, Dr. Hook, Antibus and Sally Druse uncover the real answers to Kingdom Hospital’s horrifying history and forever alter it’s future…

About Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

Using the Danish miniseries “Riget” (a.k.a. “The Kingdom”) as a point of inspiration, master of horror Stephen King gives Kingdom Hospital a unique and menacing American touch. Kingdom is a hospital whose bizarre population includes a brilliant surgeon who lives in the basement, a nearly blind security guard and a nurse who regularly faints at the sight of blood. But when patients and staff hear the voice of a girl crying through the halls and a patient destined for life as a paraplegic miraculously recovers, they are dismissive of any suggestion of mysticism or unseen powers at their own peril. Andrew McCarthy (Monk) plays Dr. Hook, a surgeon who lives in the hospital basement. Oscar nominee Diane Ladd (Alice) is Mrs. Druse, a hypochondriac whose psychic abilities lead her to the hospital. Fellow Oscar nominee Bruce Davison (The Practice & X-Men) will play Dr. Stegman, an arrogant, but inept physician. The series is set up to play out like