Sullivan & Son: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jul 19

Last, Best, and Final

Steve Sullivan returns home to Pittsburgh to celebrate his father, Jack Sullivan’s birthday. He quickly learns that Jack is retiring and selling the family bar Sullivan &…

2 Jul 19

The Bribe

Now that Steve owns the bar he needs to set boundaries with his parents. When the health inspector shows up Ok Cha wants to pay him off, but Steve refuses and the bar is shut d…

3 Jul 26

The Bar Birthday

Steve hosts a party for the 50th anniversary of the bar bringing back a lot of people and memories, not all good. Steve and Melanie uncover a secret about the origins of the ba…

4 Aug 02

Who's Your Daddy

An annual father-and-son darts tournament triggers personal dramas, as Owen decides to find his biological father and Jack struggles with abandonment issues. Meanwhile, Hank an…

5 Aug 09

The Punch

Professional and personal relationships are put to the test by an alleged pantry thief. Meanwhile, Owen pursues an oddball business venture with Ahmed; and Carol and Hank delve…

6 Aug 16

Creepy Love Songs

The guys discover that an old comic book is valuable, so they try to sell it to a collector. Meanwhile, Owen and Carol showcase a new act at the bar; and Steve and Melanie try…

7 Aug 23

The Fifth Musketeer

The dates come pouring in for Steve when Ok Cha creates a fake online profile for him. Inspired, the guys set up their own faux dating profiles and try to learn dating secrets…

8 Aug 30

How Carol Got Her Groove Back

Carol gets the blues when she discovers she’s going through menopause. Ahmed tries to make her feel better, but his attempts backfire.

9 Sep 06

The Prodigal Sister

Steve’s con-artist sister arrives and stirs up trouble at the bar. Meanwhile, Doug tries to bolster his confidence; and Susan confronts Ok Cha about being overly critical…

10 Sep 13

Hank Speech

A coworker files an HR complaint against Hank for making “inappropriate comments.” Meanwhile, Susan bonds with her mother.

About Sullivan & Son

Sullivan and Son takes place in a popular and legendary neighborhood bar in a working-class neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Penn. Filled with locals and regulars, Sullivan & Son is the unofficial “town hall” to the neighborhood. Steve Sullivan is the son of the current owner of the bar and the grandson of its founder. His Irish-American father and his Korean-American mother never expected their son to leave his job as a successful corporate attorney in New York and return to the old neighborhood to take over Sullivan & Son. But that’s just what he’s done. And so begins Steve’s quest for a more meaningful and rewarding life behind the bar.