Summerland: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Feb 28

The Wisdom to Know the Difference

After months of being gone Johnny returns home he is shocked to learn that Ava asks Simon to marry her. Nikki becomes very upset that Ava has asked Simon to marry her since fee…

2 Mar 07

I Am The Walrus

Three FBI agents come in and they are looking for Susannah and everything Dubois International related. Bradin is suspended from the school surf tea…

3 Mar 14


Nikki helps Cameron run for student president of their school,but Cameron does not want to follow Nikki’s plan and winds up embarrassing and annoying Nikki.Ava is angry w…

4 Mar 21

Life Goes On

At School Derrick talks with his school friends about a father/son sailing race.Were all of his friends will compete with their dads, but he will be with Ava. Two of his friend…

5 Mar 28

Mr. & Mrs. Who

Derrick is at the hospital where Johnny and Ava are waiting to get news on how he is doing. Johnny is Upset at Mona for having gone to get her hair done instead of showing up a…

6 Apr 04

The Pleiades

After the wedding debacle,Ava seems strangely calm.Nikki feels very guilty about Ava and Simon’s breakup.Callie fins it difficult dating Bradin because she feels all he w…

7 Apr 11

Where There's a Will, There's a Wave

Ava, Susannah, and Colby discuss hiring a popstar to help them With there clotheing line. Ava admits her feelings for Johnny.Bradin breaks up with Callie after realizing his f…

8 Apr 11

Leaving Playa Linda

Nikki has a crush on a new boy named Jeb,who works on the school’s Lit magazine along with Nikki and Cameron.Bradin has an offer to go away for a month to perfect his su…

9 Jun 13


Jay and Bradin are in Hawaii doing a photo shoot for an advertising agency. Bradin meets Dallas, the girl he will work with. Jay recieves a call from home. Ava and Colby ar…

10 Jun 20

The Space Between Us

Bradin comes home after the surf tour abroad. With him is a surfer dude named Bryce and his girlfriend. Bradin seems out of place when he sees his friends having a party in t…

11 Jun 27

Safe House

When Bryce’s sister Faith comes to town, Bradin becomes attracted to her, even after Bryce warns him to stay away. Ava asks Johnny to move back into the house. When Nikki…

12 Jul 04

Careful What You Wish For

Bradin saves his friend Bryce’s life, after getting hit by his own board and gets a concussion while surfing. Jay reports the robbery of a skateboard and a few wheels as…

13 Jul 18

What's Past Is Prologue

A girl named Faith (Danielle Panabaker) comes to Playa Linda to look at colleges. She sees potential in Bradin and tries to motivate him to go to college. Unfortunately Bradin&…

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