Survivor: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 May 31

The Marooning

16 average Americans are marooned on the deserted island of Puala Tiga in the South China Sea for 39 days, where they must survive not only the island, but each other, as every…

2 Jun 07

The Generation Gap

Pagong are growing weary of BB’s bossy and domineering attitude, and as Greg and Colleen begin to get friendly, the crabby 60-something clashes with Ramoana and Joel. Mea…

3 Jun 14

Quest For Food

At Pagong, Greg and Colleen continue to grow closer as the younger tribe members begin to grow more accustom to their island home. Meanwhile, across the island at Tagi camp, S…

4 Jun 21

Too Little Too Late?

At Pagong, Ramona started to feel better after having been sick and tried to begin pulling her weight around camp, but Jenna said it might be too late for her.
Reward Cha…

5 Jun 28

Pulling Your Own Weight

At Tagi, everyone begins to get annoyed by Dirk who is very religious. Rudy admits he’d use the pages from Dirk’s bible as toilet paper. Sean & Dirk go lookin…

6 Jul 05

Udder Revenge

As Tagi and Pagong prepare to merge in to one tribe, both teams are looking to the future, but not all of them will make it there. As Rudy finally agrees to join with Richard,…

7 Jul 12

The Merger

The two tribes merge into one, Rattana.

8 Jun 19

Thy Name Is Duplicity

Colleen, Jenna, Gervase & Greg return to camp shocked that fellow castmate Gretchen was voted out. Jenna admits that their is some kind of alliance. Richard is angry afte…

9 Jul 26

Old And New Bonds

The former Pagong members finally realize that Tagi members have an alliance. Kelly becomes close with Jenna & Colleen and tell them that their is no alliance. The girls i…

10 Aug 08

Crack In The Alliance

It’s a day of luck for Gervase – who, after hearing news of the birth of his baby boy, wins the Reward Challenge, giving him a chance to chat with his girlfriend, C…

11 Aug 09

Long Hard Days

As the game of Survivor draws to its conclusion, the remaining six contestants fight it out for a place in the final four. The Tagi Alliance begins to crumble, as Rudy and Rich…

12 Aug 16

Death Of An Alliance

It’s day 34, and the five remaining Survivors are all members of the original Tagi tribe. As mind games and manipulation accelerates, Kelly and Susan get in to a heated a…

13 Aug 23

The Final Four

We’re down to the Final Four – Richard, Kelly, Rudy and Susan, the original Tagi alliance. With alliances being formed and broken at a rapid rate, friendships crumb…

14 Aug 23

Survivor: The Reunion

In this special reunion of all castaways, Bryant Gumbel (CBS’s ““The Early Show”“) poses questions to the castaways abou…

About Survivor

The rules of this game are simple: sixteen average Americans (eighteen in seasons 8, 9, and 11; twenty in season 10) are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. They are divided into teams. Every three days, the Survivors must gather to vote someone out of their tribe. Once a total of six people have been voted out, the two tribes merge (this may vary season to season).After the merge, every person must compete for him/herself at both reward and immunity challenges. Only one person can win these challenges. Once a person receives immunity, that person can not have any votes against him/her for that tribal council. The next person to be voted out just after the merge will not return to the following tribal council. The next seven people return to be on a jury – they vote at the very last tribal council for who will win. The last Survivor at the end wins one million dollars.