Survivor: Season 12


# Air Date Title
1 Feb 02

The First Exile

Title and Airdate Subject to Change

2 Feb 09


A second castaway is voted out.

3 Feb 16

Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners

A third castaway is voted out.

4 Feb 23

Starvation and Lunacy

Unexpected things start happening! A banished Survivor does well on Exile Island and leaves the tribe back at camp struggling for food and fire. And incessant fighting between…

5 Mar 02

For Cod's Sake!

A fifth castaway is voted out.

6 Mar 09

Salvation and Desertion

When the castaways get word of the upcoming challenge, one with a huge reward, they all work their hardest to win. The tough challenge results in a big win for Casaya, and the…

7 Mar 15

A Closer Look

A recap of Survivor: Panama – Exile Island and a closer look, filled with never-before-seen footage of the castaways in challenges and at camp.

8 Mar 30

An Emerging Plan

The tribes merge…

9 Apr 06

The Power of the Idol

Two tribe members are sent to Exile Island and they form an unexpected bond. Castaways from the original La Mina team try to break up the Casaya alliance. At tribal council, th…

10 Apr 13

Fight for Your Life or Eat

Several castaways accept a tempting offer that means they must opt out of the Immunity Challenge; the remaining Casaya members are asked to form a new alliance; and a male surv…

11 Apr 20

Medical Emergency

A medical emergency forces one castaway to leave the island for treatment and the other players are left to ponder whether the person will return to the game or not. At the rew…

12 Apr 27

Perilous Scramble

Reward challenge winners have the chance receive the season’s biggest prize so far. Meanwhile, players scrutinize the others as new threats gradually emerge.

13 May 04


Reward challenge includes news from home. A fight between two castaways leads one to learn something very important about the other. New alliances are formed.

14 May 11

Call the Whambulance

This was the first ““To Be Continued”“ since Pearl Islands, when the Outcasts were about to go to Tribal Council to let two members back into the game.<…

15 May 14

The Final Showdown

Due to a tie for the majority of the vote, two of the Final Four players must compete in a race to build a fire big enough to burn a string that will raise a flag once it break…

16 May 14

Survivor: Panama Reunion

Aired after the Double-Episode finale of ““Survivor: Panama – Exile Island.”“ Live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, host Jeff Probst…

About Survivor

The rules of this game are simple: sixteen average Americans (eighteen in seasons 8, 9, and 11; twenty in season 10) are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. They are divided into teams. Every three days, the Survivors must gather to vote someone out of their tribe. Once a total of six people have been voted out, the two tribes merge (this may vary season to season).After the merge, every person must compete for him/herself at both reward and immunity challenges. Only one person can win these challenges. Once a person receives immunity, that person can not have any votes against him/her for that tribal council. The next person to be voted out just after the merge will not return to the following tribal council. The next seven people return to be on a jury – they vote at the very last tribal council for who will win. The last Survivor at the end wins one million dollars.