Survivor: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 04

Survivor: Countdown to Africa

In this preview to the third season of Survivor, Jeff Probst introduces us to all of the 16 new competitors in Survivor: Africa. Also, previous Survivor competitors give their…

2 Oct 11

Question of Trust

The Bean Scene

Clarence opens a can of beans without permission, and the Boran tribe gets into a big stew over it. Meanwhile at Samburu, Lindsey finds herself —…

3 Oct 18

Who's Zooming Whom?

Blood: It Does a Body Good

This week, the tribes drink cow blood for immunity. As if the blood of sacred cow isn’t reward enough!

4 Oct 25

The Gods Are Angry

Thongs, Schlongs, and Happy Songs

Boran shows off their fine and not-so-fine physiques, their ability to spontaneously produce festive music, and their lack of decent…

5 Nov 01

The Young and Untrusted

Cape (Buffalo) Fear

This week, the Boran tribe has a little run-in — sans the running — with a cape buffalo. The cape buffalo stares at them really hard, a…

6 Nov 08

The Twist

When a Woman Has a Trouble With Her Butt…

Lindsey gets a tick stuck on her butt this week, and Tom is all too eager to help with its removal. Sure, it’s…

7 Nov 15

I'd Never Do It To You

Don’t Count Your Eggs Before They’re Not Laid

Bora-new wrestles with the issue of which to eat first: the chicken or the egg. Clarence can’t stop tal…

8 Nov 22

Will There Be a Feast Tonight?

Survivor: The Musical

This week’s episode has everything you could ask for from a musical production: singing, dancing, and a reenactment of the crucifixion. And…

9 Nov 29

The First 21 Days

The contestants’ hidden psychoses are revealed this week after twenty-one days in Africa. Frank plays with deer antlers! Clarence likes to wear makeup! Tom dresses up in…

10 Dec 06

Smoking Out the Snake

Snake and Rat Redux

Lex hunts for vermin but catches something more catty than ratty, more Kelly than smelly.

11 Dec 13

Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal

Out in Africa

Two Survivors win a movie date wherein one enjoys Robert Redford and the other enjoys Robert Redford’s big guns.

12 Dec 20

We Are Family

To the Victor Go the Spuds

Kimp can’t talk through mouthfuls of ice cream sundae, and Ethan settles for a bowl of chocolate syrup in the Survivor auction. And th…

13 Dec 27

The Big Adventure

Heffalumps and Wildebeests

Like Pooh and Piglet — except nothing like Pooh and Piglet, other than in fatness and smallness — Two Survivors head off to disc…

14 Jan 03

Truth Be Told

It Was Just My Machinations Runnin’ Away With Me

Teresa gets crafty — and she gets around — as she tries to convince the other members of the Boran a…

15 Jan 10

The Final Four: No Regrets

Fallen Comrats

No one calls anyone a rat in the final Tribal Council, but maybe that’s because all the rats ended up on the jury.

16 Jan 10

Survivor: Africa Reunion

Reunited and It Feel So…Well, Okay

The S16 are together again before we even had the chance to miss them. But for those of you who’ve been hanging on patie…

17 Jan 17

Survivor: Back From Africa

Crap from Africa – The S16 may be back from Africa, but the clips are still there.

About Survivor

The rules of this game are simple: sixteen average Americans (eighteen in seasons 8, 9, and 11; twenty in season 10) are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. They are divided into teams. Every three days, the Survivors must gather to vote someone out of their tribe. Once a total of six people have been voted out, the two tribes merge (this may vary season to season).After the merge, every person must compete for him/herself at both reward and immunity challenges. Only one person can win these challenges. Once a person receives immunity, that person can not have any votes against him/her for that tribal council. The next person to be voted out just after the merge will not return to the following tribal council. The next seven people return to be on a jury – they vote at the very last tribal council for who will win. The last Survivor at the end wins one million dollars.